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    Sooooo far not so good...

    the multihome seems to make somehow the server stable but there is still lots of lag.

    - the first lag occurs when the server is loaded then next maps are laggy.

    GrrrrrrGrrr :P

    I think there are many errors that create these lags, multihome resolves one of them. Warning and errors in the log seem to be the source of "other" lag.


      now a seg fault

      This is new. No clue why it happened. Just started a game. Server had been running about 36 hours, had 6 matches. This is JoJoBoBot 6v6 WAR.

      From the log:

      Log: UOnlineGameInterfaceGameSpy::Recalculating Skill Rating for 1 players
      ScriptLog: START MATCH
      ScriptLog: Num Matches Played: 0
      Signal: SIGSEGV [segmentation fault]

      Developer Backtrace:
      Log: [ 1] ./ut3-bin [0x8d44a62]
      Log: [ 2] [0x110420]
      Log: [ 3] ./ut3-bin [0x85b21af]
      Log: [ 4] ./ut3-bin [0x85b63e5]
      Log: [ 5] ./ut3-bin [0x85aa1b4]
      Log: [ 6] ./ut3-bin [0x8523bb4]
      Log: [ 7] ./ut3-bin [0x8523213]
      Log: [ 8] ./ut3-bin [0x8528345]
      Log: [ 9] ./ut3-bin [0x852673a]
      Log: [10] ./ut3-bin [0x84beb12]
      Log: [11] ./ut3-bin [0x8437170]
      Log: [12] ./ut3-bin [0x8052b72]
      Log: [13] ./ut3-bin [0x804b6e2]
      Log: [14] /lib/ [0x549f70]
      Log: [15] ./ut3-bin [0x804adc1]

      Crash information will be saved to your logfile.
      Exit: Exiting.
      Exit: Name subsystem shutting down

      I restarted and all was well. Several 5 matches played one with 5 net players. No lag, but mostly just 3-4 net players.


        Well... Yes I'm getting the same extended feedback you guys are giving. The multihome "fix" (crappy band-aid perhaps) is only getting rid of one symptom, while allowing others to reveal their ugly heads. Grrrr indeed.

        I just want one **** stable release! Here is hoping icculus releases a patched version soon.