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    At this point the UCC.exe for compression does not exist so to think your going to run a server and upload a decent sized custom map to clients is ubsurd! Especially during gameplay is rediculous.

    It might be ok at this point to upload small mutators or very small maps using gameservers web site or another site similar but as soon as UCC compress is added hopefully via patch all those files on gameservers will need to be UCC compressed and made to work as .uz3 compressed files.

    Over the years through all Unreal engine games I have uploaded probably more that 100,000 files to clients via compression redirect and very rarly have I ever uploaded to clients non compressed.

    Hopefully the next patch (if there is a next patch) this will be fixed but for UT3 to be released without it just shows me how beta this game really was and still is! Its sad to say the least.

    I mean for god sake Unreal 1 had compression redirect which I was using when it was released 8 years ago so what does that tell ya about UT3? O well we will see but dont hold your breath.