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    Listen Server

    Alright I've gone through the FAQ and a bunch of stuff, I also have a pretty good understanding of networking..

    I'm looking to throw up a couple mutators me and my friend both have, start a listen server, him connect, and frag away.

    I've got 6500,7777,13000 all properly forwarded.
    So I start the listen server, all goes well, it shows up in the server browser and all.
    He attempts to connect, but never gets past 'connecting'.
    I can even connect by using a separate account and connecting through 'open lanip : port'.

    My friend connects to other servers flawlessly, and the weird thing is, when I had the duel server up with no password some random dude joined (though I asked him to leave 'cause I was waiting for my friend to join)..


    did he try the Connection Failed solutions?


      Hmm, I'll hook em up with those, but he never even gets to connection failed, it just never stops saying connecting.


        Are you patched?

        Also post your listen server server.log so I can see if you are getting FSTUNClient resolvement.


          Yeah were both at patch 1.1
          Heres the log:


            Well I see you are getting FSTUNClient resolvement which is good.

            In the log you can see your command line which you created from the games interface menu listen server set up and I see that you have "0" open public connections which means that nobody can join! Ill paste in the line here as you can see: NumOpenPublicConnections=0?

            ScriptLog: UTUIFrontEnd: Starting DM-Downpour?game=UTGame.UTTeamGame?MaxPlayers=16?MinN etPlayers=0?NumPublicConnections=16?NumPrivateConn ections=0?NumOpenPublicConnections=0?NumOpenPrivat eConnections=0?bShouldAdvertise=True?bIsLanMatch=F alse?bUsesStats=True?bAllowJoinInProgress=True?bAl lowInvites=True?bUsesPresence=True?bAllowJoinViaPr esence=True?bUsesArbitration=False?bIsDedicated=Fa lse?bIsListPlay=False?OwningPlayerName=?PingInMs=0 ?AverageSkillRating=1000.000000?GameMode=4?Difficu lty=2?PureServer=1?LockedServer=0?Campaign=0?Force Respawn=0?CustomMapName=?CustomGameMode=?GoalScore =50?TimeLimit=0?ServerDescription=?NumPlay=8?mutat or=UTGame.UTMutator_SlowTimeKills,DropItAll.DropIt All_Mutator,MK3rdPersonMutator.MK3rdPersonMutator, MutCustomizableUT.Mutator_UTCustomize,MutDodgeJump .MutDodgeJump,NoArrows.NoArrows,TeamShaderControl. TSCMutator,******.******_Mutator?name=Karne?alias= Karne

            I suggest that you make sure you have the server set up proper in the menu choices before you start because it appears that you are doing something wrong here or else there would be a number like 8 or 10 or 16 for the number of "open" public connections.

            You DO have NumPublicConnections=16? BUT NumOpenPublicConnections=0? somethings wrong here..

            See if you can get that going and then if you still have trouble we can look to another area!