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Server not being advertised.....

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    Server not being advertised.....

    My clan has just started a ut3 server. Everything appears to be working fine and people can play on the server. The only problem we have is getting the server to appear in the list of servers in the game. any advice for a blonde person without much technical skill would be massively appreciatted.

    Do you have the correct game mode?

    Here is a complete command line for VehicleCTF. Is your's missing anything?

    ./ut3 server vCTF-Containment?Game=UTGameContent.UTVehicleCTFGame_Co ntent?GameMode=3?numplay=8?BotSkill=4?minnetplayers=1?maxplayers=1 2?PureServer=1?timelimit=30?goalscore=3?ServerName =Server-Name?ServerDescription=054000118000054000032000086 000067000084000070000?AdminPassword=Admin-pass?bAllowJoinInProgress=True?bAllowInvites=True? bUsesPresence=True?forcerespawn=1?bIsLanMatch=False?bIsDedicated=True?bShouldAdvertise=True -login=GS-user -password=GS-pass -Port=7777 -unattended


      The login/pass that you're using in the server settings (the command line), is it the same as your login that you're using to play the game? Or someone else for that matter?

      I had this same problem with my server and fiddled with it for a week before finally figuring it out. What happens is as you may or may not know, you can only have one account play online at a time. So for example if someone else tries to login while you're online, it will kick you off saying something about a duplicate login. And that's exactly what's happening here, only it's not technically taking the server offline, it's simply removing it from the public server list.

      What I found was if you started the server up, and then logged into the game to do a search for it, you would not find it. However, you could still connect from console using "Open" or whatever your server IP may be. Now if you are already logged into the game before you start the server up, when it does come online, you will probably get a message in game that there has been a duplicate login found.


      Create a secondary login with your account/cdkey. I didn't think it was even possible but apparently it is because I did it myself. Just open UT3, click logout, then click Create Profile. You can use the same email as with your original profile, but just have to choose a new login name. Then choose one or the other to enter in your server command line. And then use the other one to login to your game at home. And that should do the trick. Worked flawlessly for me, so hope it helps.