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Problems creating a server

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    Problems creating a server

    Hi all, wish u guys all the best for the new year

    When I try to create a server no one can see me, even if i create a dedicated server, when i create a dedicated server I cant even see my own server, and what is the command to connect to a server..tx in advance


    Just adding that this is for a lan server


      You neeed to setup your router to forward certain ports to your server.

      You neeed to setup your router to forward certain ports to your server. The router assigns, if your using DHCP, (or you need to manually assign) a different address to each box connected to it. Say the router IP you see is, then it assigns to your game box, to your workstation, and to the server. These are internal numbers, those outside your network see only the IP number assigned to your cable modem or broadband converter. The router is then set up to forward the correct ports to the proper internal IP, in this case, the ports 7777, 6500, and 13000 are forwarded to, which is the internal address of the server.You need to forward the ports on your router to your ut3 server.

      Login to the router via the standard browser with the router address. for some, but find the one your router uses in the manual, different ones use different numbers. Then go to the router setup, usually advanced setup or settings, port forwarding. Many different router setup pages and no two are the same. You need to list the 3 ports to forward, UDP, assign to the address the router assigned to your UT3 server, say, for example. To find out this address type ifconfig as root. It will be the same as your router except for the numbers after the last period.

      Also, you need to specify the GameMode in the startup command line. For example;

      ut3.exe server vCTF-Containment?Game=UTGameContent.UTVehicleCTFGame_Co ntent?GameMode=3?numplay=8?BotSkill=4?minnetplayer s=1?maxplayers=12?PureServer=1?timelimit=30?goalsc ore=3?ServerName=Server-Name?ServerDescription=054000118000054000032000086 000067000084000070000?AdminPassword=Admin-pass?bAllowJoinInProgress=True?bAllowInvites=True? bUsesPresence=True?forcerespawn=1?bIsLanMatch=Fals e?bIsDedicated=True?bShouldAdvertise=True -login=GS-user -password=GS-pass -Port=7777 -unattended

      GameMode tells the master server whaere to place the server, 1 is CTF, 2 is WAR, 3 is VCTF if you have the wrong GameMode, the server will show up on the wrong list.