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Two Servers, same box???

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    Two Servers, same box???

    Ok, i'm obviously still not getting this, after much reading, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    We have a UT3 server, which i installed from the Windows Ded Server Package, and after much help on these forums, it works just great.

    Now, however, we would like to setup a second completely sep server, to test various mutators etc.

    So i copy the first server directory, to create a second directory, and use -nohomedir with a sep ini folder. All this seemed good, except for this error.

    Any ideas anyone?


    I donĀ“t know what all you have made until now.
    So I tell you how it works from that point when you have installed all
    correctly for one gameserver.

    I have a linux server but I think it will work under windows quite equal.

    This is my commandline for the firrst server i start:
    screen -A -m -d Binaries/ut3 server DM-HeatRay?Game=UTDeathmatch?GameMode=0?minn
    0114000032000035000049000 -log=ServLog.log -login=-=GoW=-Clan -password=XXX
     -nohomedir -unattended
    This is the commendline for the second one:
    screen -A -m -d Binaries/ut3 server DM-HeatRay?Game=UTGame.UTTeamGame?GameMode=4
    101000114000032000035000050000 -log=TeamServLog.log -login=-=GoW=-TeamDM -passwo
    rd=XXX -configsubdir=TeamConfig -Port=7779 -QueryPort=6502 -nohomedir -unat
    You see the differences between the two cmdlines are -Port, -QueryPort, -log and the -configsubdir

    Thats all.

    maybe that the start of the command is on the beginneg a little bit different on windows. "screen" helps on linux to keep the process working even when i close ssh connection. But I think you know what to change.

    best regards,



      i havent seen this before "-configsubdir=TeamConfig" is that just for the ini file?


        this is for the ini files, yes. When the second server starts the first time it will create a directory in Config with the name set in -configsubdir. In this directory the Config files of the original Config are copied. Does it work for you now?


          It very well might, before i was only using this, your way seems much better.



            GameINI= will work properly if you don't use -nohomedir (that's what causes the code to freak out) and you have your ini files under the My Games set of folders. You need sub folders with ini files under Config for each server you run but you don't need a separate copy of the install folder.


              this way seems to work ok, using my docs, and the same install for six servers.


              the weird thing if Favs never appears in the browser, even though it has its own login, and uses the exact same commandline as all the others.