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Strange problem with Linux Server

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    Strange problem with Linux Server

    I got the linux server working but i have a strange problem. If i try to change one of the configs in UTGame/Configs the server wont work anymore and show me an error at start:

    Init: Character set: Unicode
    Log: GConfig::LoadFile has loaded file: ../UTGame/Config/UTEditor.ini
    Log: GConfig::LoadFile has loaded file: ../UTGame/Config/UTEditorUserSettings.ini
    Critical: appError called:
    Critical: Couldn't locate '..EngineConfigBaseEngine.ini' which is required to run 'UT'
    I got the server working again if i delete all configs in UTGame/Configs, that the server generated on his first start.

    First time i though i added some wrong this to UTEngine.ini - but this happen too if i only add some spaces at the end of UTEngine.ini and didnt change one of the entries.

    Some people advice me to check the chmod and user settings - i did this - they didnt changed - even with correct user and chmod 777 the same thing happen again.

    I dodnt know how i can solve this - i didnt had that problems with my ut2004 or ut3demo server. Its realy strange and looks like the server did md4 check on the ini files.

    do you edit your files with a windows editor or a linux editor ?
    windows editor like wordpad add different linebreaks and most linux software fail
    to start.


      I tested a lot with our linux box - this problem occurs only on suse linux - with debian linux the server works fine. Could this be a special libary ?

      Some people here that use suse ?