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    PS3 3rd Person Mod

    Hi, This is a request for a 3rd person mod to be released on PS3

    Reasons :

    1. More People Prefer 3rd Person view (Gears of War was a big hit)
    2. If people know about this mod its likely to boost sales
    3. its more enjoyable (well to some people anyways)

    Im sure loads of people would like to see this mod on a console Please Please can someone make the mod into a ps3 mod the pc version is already out here's the link (pc version).

    Scroll Down and look for ActionCam_v1.0

    Download: -This is the PC version NOT PS3

    Once again Please do this

    This is the wrong forum for that request.

    However, the entire UT series has always been a "First Person Shooter"; not a 3rd person action adventure game. GOW was designed from the beginning to be 3rd person.


      lol ok man calm down its just a request it would be nice for a change


        Right. You spam the forums and I need to "calm down".

        Originally posted by PS3-3rd-Person-Mod
        BTW the only reason i created this account is to request this mod ok thanks for reading


          Originally posted by Slaughter View Post
          Right. You spam the forums and I need to "calm down".
          ffs dude i wasnt spamming just because i got it in the wrong forum doesnt mean you have to be such a D*** about it