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Dedicated server crashes a lot

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    Dedicated server crashes a lot


    Every time I play on my dedicated server i rented from a game hosting provider it crashed mid game. This happens every other map. It just ends and after a while you get timed out by the host?

    This is the startupline

    CTF-Reflection?mutators=UTGame.UTMutator_Instagib?MaxP layers=12 bShouldAdvertise=True?bIsDedicated=True?AdminPassw ord=SomePASS?ServerDescription=0830001100000970001 07000101000115000101000114000118000101000114000115 000046000110000101000116000?multihome=Someip -login=Somelogin -password=Somepassworld -nohomedir

    It it something wrong with the commandline? Does anyone else have this problem? Also does UT3 make somekind of logs to see why it crahed? Do you guys think its the host his connection?

    This is the error report from the last crash:

    ScriptWarning: UTDeathmatch DM-Deck.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.UTDeathmatch_6 (Function UTGame.UTDeathmatch:WriteOnlineStats:0347) Accessed None 'PRI'
    ScriptLog: Inactive player did not have a valid UniqueID, stats not written
    Inactive player? Could this be the dedicated server? Because there were no other inactive players i can remember...

    I made the dedicated server account ingame in UT3. So that should be good right?


      You should not need most of what you have in your command line anymore after the 1.1 patch. You did patch right? My server would crash quite a bit until the patch.

      There is a thread on command line simplification after the patch you should read. I will bump it back up.


        Thanks for your excellent reply. I did not even know there was a patch and so it seems neither did my provider. So i e-mailed them and hopefully they will now install the patch

        I also asked them to make the command line shorter, and gave them a link to the thread. Thanks for bumping it