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Problems with a Password protect Server

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    Problems with a Password protect Server


    I have a few Problem with a Password protect Server. When the vote is over and the Server changes the Map, the Client switch to the Mainmenu an shows the Errormessage "Invalid URL: Mapname".

    If the Server is unprotect, it seems the Server work fine.

    Then i have another Question i have found this Entrys in the BaseEngine.ini, DefaultEngine.ini and the UTEngine.ini

    EXEName=unreal.exe (BaseEngine.ini)
    EXEName=UTGame.exe (DefaultEngine.ini)
    EXEName=UTGame.exe (UTEngine.ini)

    Should i set this Value to UT3.exe ? The *.EXE in the Entrys are not found in the Server Directorie.

    Then i have found out that the Value GameDifficulty=x.x in the UTGame.ini set the Botskill without a change in the Servertext (Botskill) how was showed in the bottom left corner of the Serversearchscreen. So the GameDifficulty can set to 7.0 but in the Serversearchscreen where show Botskill "Average", but the Bots play like "inhuman". Only when the Option Difficulty=5 in the Serverstart.bat where given, the Botskill Entry in the Serversearchscreen show "Adept" (The right Value for a GameDifficulty of 5).