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    A little server help please

    A friend of mine runs a dedicated Windows server that is in downtown Seattle.
    He hosts a Counter Strike Source game on it.
    This is a dedicated server, and we connect to it remotely with XPs Remote Desktop feature add games to it.
    This is not his personal PC, but one that he pays a monthly bill on to host games.

    He downloaded the server file for UT3 and has it installed.
    We use to run UT 2004 on it perfectly, but this is setup a little differently and we are stumped.

    We need to create a runserver.bat file, and I think you do that via txt file then rename it?
    We do not know what to input though.

    What we want is for the server when he starts it up by double clicking the runserver.bat file is for it to load one of the stock TDM maps, it does not matter, and the following:
    CustomUTv1a (The newer UTComp mutator like we used on UT 2004)
    Big head
    Low gravity

    That is about it.
    We read something about having to input his Gamespy account info in it too?
    Would the Gamespy account he uses for his profile when he logs into his computer to play be the one?

    Could someone if they have the time that is good with this **** make up a bat file that will work for us and post it here or PM it to me?

    TIA, Corey

    Most everything you need can be found in the FAQ at the top of the forum.

    This will get you started, except for the CustomUTv1a mutator, which you can lookup the syntax for (I don't know anything about it).

    You didn't specify things like MaxPlayers, Timelimit or GoalScore so I put ## in the example.

    cd \Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)\binaries
    ut3.exe server ?Game=UTGame.UTTeamGame?Maxplayers=##?Mutators=UTGame.UTMutator_BigHead,UTGame.UTMutator_LowGrav?Timelimit=##?Goalscore=## -login=ServerGameSpyLogin -password=ServerGameSpyPoassword -Port=7777 -log=server.log
    cd \Documents and Settings\[user]\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Logs
    copy server.log server.bak
    goto one
    As for the GameSpy id, one is needed that isn't the same as one being used to play the game with.


      Thanks, this code stuff I am not really great with.
      I will have to contact the creator of the CustomUT mutator for the syntax.

      We will give this a try.
      Thanks again, Corey



        I have created a command line generator that you can use to create your own line. Check my signature at the bottom of this post.

        Create a Text file and add a GOTO command at the end like such:

        @echo off
        cd C:\<WHATEVER YOUR GAME PATH IS>\Binaries\
        ut3.exe server <WHATEVER YOUR COMMAND LINE IS>
        GOTO :top
        now this is the MOST BASIC way to get the server going and restart it when it crashes...

        I personally use ServerDoc for this servers... and it works great. You can get it for free, or donations (with more features) or for a yearly fee (with even better features)

        The free one will do just fine...


          Thanks, I think my friend does use serverdoc on his Counter strike source server.
          PS, I am making a file from your webpage right now.
          How would I input that mutator CustomUTv1a ?

          Wait, like this?


            More help please.
            I generated the file using your website, but it will not start his game.
            It is missing the line c cd program files like Slaughters above:

            cd \Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)\


              Update, we got the game to run on his server!
              I just need to use the generator again as I goofed and made it DM not TDM.

              Thanks for the help!
              Hopefully we will get the UTComp thing going later.


                Another problem.
                I modified the runserver.bat file to use the new UTComp mutator.
                You can see the code below.

                However when I added it, it took low gravity off line.
                ut3.exe Server DM-HeatRay?Game=UTGame.UTTeamGame?GameMode=4?Mutator= UTGame.UTMutator_BigHead,UTGame.UTMutator_LowGrav, ?Mutator=CustomUTv1a.UTMutator_CustomUTv1a?Numplay =6?MaxPlayers=16?NumPublicConnections=16?NumPrivat eConnections=0?MinNetPlayers=0?TimeLimit=12?GoalSc ore=60?BotSkill=2?
                If I remove the ? mark before the UTComp mod, it lets low grav work again, but UTComp will not load.

                Am I missing something in the code?


                  Originally posted by Corey View Post
                  Another problem.
                  I modified the runserver.bat file to use the new UTComp mutator.
                  You can see the code below.

                  However when I added it, it took low gravity off line.

                  If I remove the ? mark before the UTComp mod, it lets low grav work again, but UTComp will not load.

                  Am I missing something in the code?
                  change this

                  ?Mutator=UTGame.UTMutator_BigHead,UTGame.UTMutator _LowGrav, ?Mutator=CustomUTv1a.UTMutator_CustomUTv1a?Numplay =6?MaxPlayers=16?


                  Mutator=UTGame.UTMutator_BigHead,UTGame.UTMutator_ LowGrav,CustomUTv1a.UTMutator_CustomUTv1a?Numplay =6?MaxPlayers=16?

                  You have ?Mutator in there twice.


                    Thank you

                    That did the trick.
                    Now low grav and the UTComp mutator work together.
                    got put into it twice by me since Lotus's code had that in it.

                    I was pulling my hair out trying to figure it out.
                    What a pain, as the server it is on we connect to via Windows Remote Desktop.
                    We have to edit the runserver.bat file on it, log off the server, then open up UT again to test it.

                    I worked on it for close to two hours earlier, and did not catch that like you showed me


                      Once more question.
                      Game runs great, with the occasional crash about every 5 days.
                      We just have to start it again.

                      Now we have it setup to do TDM when it fires up and the matches go for 60 kills or 12 minutes, whichever comes first.

                      When we use the mutator "Custom UT" to map vote with, we can change game styles to go to Warfare or CTF.
                      However when we go to CTF the time is correct for 12 minutes, but the 60 is still in there, and we really would like to have it set to 3 for 3 flag captures, which is about right for a 12 minute round.

                      I know this can all be managed from the web admin if they ever make it, as I use to do it with UT 2004.

                      Is there a way to mod the runserver.bat file to do it for you, or are we screwed until web admin comes out?

                      Here is the bat file.
                      ut3.exe Server DM-HeatRay?Game=UTGame.UTTeamGame?GameMode=4?Mutator= UTGame.UTMutator_BigHead,UTGame.UTMutator_LowGrav, CustomUTv1a.UTMutator_CustomUTv1a?Numplay=6?MaxPla yers=16?NumPublicConnections=16?NumPrivateConnecti ons=0?MinNetPlayers=0?TimeLimit=12?GoalScore=60?Bo tSkill=2?ServerDescription=08300010100009700011600 01160001080001010000440000320000650001080001080000 80000114000111000071000097000109000101000114000115 000046000110000101000116000?bIsDedicated=true?bUse sStats=true?ForceRespawn=0?bShouldAdvertise=true?P ureServer=0?bIsLanMatch=false?bAllowJoinInProgress =true?AdminName=name?AdminPassword=name -Login=name -Password=name -Log=myserver.log -unattended
                      PS, I just noticed there is a space in the word pure server.
                      It shows as
                      p ure server.
                      Is that the way if should be?
                      I notice in the games server browser it does not list the mutators we have running.
                      Could this be the cause?
                      And since it is not a pure server, do we leave the value at 0?

                      PS again
                      I checked the original bat file, and there is no space in the word pure.
                      When I copied the text here, the forum must have added the space somehow.
                      But still our mutes do not show up in the server description.