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Problems reporting to master list

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  • Problems reporting to master list

    This line below reports to the master list just fine. (Still using old format)

    Note: I am aware of the new config options, but have not gotten around to them since I am trying to solve this reporting issue. Keep in mind "Server2" does not report any errors whatsoever.

    server CTF-Reflection?Game=UTGameContent.UTCTFGame_Content?Ga meMode=1?numplay=1?maxplayers=12?NumPublicConnecti ons=12?NumPrivateConnections=0?NumOpenPublicConnec tions=12?NumOpenPrivateConnections=0?bShouldAdvert ise=True?AllowJoinInProgress=True?bIsDedicated=Tru e?PureServer=1?timelimit=20?goalscore=5?AdminPassw ord=xxx?ServerDescription=083000119000105000110000 101000079000110000108000105000110000101000?Mutator =CustomUTv1.UTMutator_CustomUT -EngineINI=..\UTGame\Config\Server1\SwineEngine.ini -GameINI=..\UTGame\Config\Server1\SwineGame.ini -log=swineonline.log -login=xxx -password=xxx -multihome=xxx -nohomedir -unattended

    This server below does not report to the list (therefore unable to query via any kind of script, yet players can connect and play fine)

    server CTF-Reflection?Game=UTGameContent.UTCTFGame_Content?Ga meMode=1?numplay=1?MaxPlayers=10?MinNetPlayers=10? TimeLimit=20?GoalScore=0?bIsDedicated=true?bShould Advertise=true?bAllowJoinInProgress=true?bPlayerMu stBeReady=true?bTournament=true?GamePassword=ut3pu g?AdminPassword=xxx?Mutator=CustomUTv1.UTMutator_C ustomUT -Login=xxx -Password=xxx -log=ut3ctfpugserver.log -configsubdir=Server2 -multihome=xxx -nohomedir -unattended

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    I'm guessing that these two servers are hosted on different boxes? If so, what happens when you use the commandline for "server 2" on the "server 1" box?

    The commandline looks ok, I'm guessing that your problem is with UDP port 6500 rather than your UT3 config. I could be wrong though.

    The other, obvious thing to check is to make sure that the GamespyLogin and GamespyPassword for Server 2 are unique, valid, and authenticating correctly. If its not authing then it wont appear in the browser. To be 100% sure, use that UN/PW to login to UT3 as a client and make sure its accepted.


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      They are the same box, same install.

      I use Server1's exact line, but using a different IP via multihome and it works. I will try the login though. (I created these with the UT3 Demo, and the first works fine, but maybe the other didn't go through).


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        The login/pass weren't working correctly. Thank you for the help Dubious.