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    However, I do totally understand the Linux hosting thing & know that's what's causing the uproar - I'm talking about a company that can afford this kinda thing. As someone with a linux box next to them, or small companies, or anyone who rents a dedicated server instead of game server it's leaving you in the dark. We're waiting on the Linux server too, for our linux dedi. And will keep waiting for now


      Originally posted by phinx View Post
      I dont understand why people care about playing on a Linux server rarther then a Windows. I mean I never really noticed that I am playing on either. I mean windows servers arent expensive to rent. I mean I pay less then £10 for 12 man server on any game type, is that really too much for a clan? Intresting how a people just wont play a game because of the server type.
      when you pay for a 32 player server you'll notice the difference both in performance and especially the price on a linux box... a 12 man server is nothing, I can do that on my cable modem, you're getting ripped off.


        There are rumours that it has been released. If so, I can't wait to see the mad influx of players as has been so greatly talked about.


          will this change anything to the way of setting up the server?
          cuz i have written batch file etc for an upcomming lan
          it would be a bummer if i had to reconfigure/research everything again


            Originally posted by Slaughter View Post
            There are rumours that it has been released. If so, I can't wait to see the mad influx of players as has been so greatly talked about.
            Neither can I. Unfortunately, the people who released it decided to have accounts with the two worst web hosting companies ever so it's taking years to download it.


              Okay gang...get going.

              Originally posted by Ryan C. Gordon
              Thanks for your patience, everyone.

              The Linux server is now available for download. It is built from the 1.1
              patch, and is network compatible with all retail UT3 clients.

              We feel pretty good about this build, but it should be considered beta
              for now, as it hasn't had the full wrath of the Internet applied to it

              Grab it from here:

              Arizona mirror (GoDaddy):

              California mirror (Dreamhost):

              1744621651 bytes

              70149f802efc087455a87f92c1485982 UT3-linux-server-12172007.bin

              As the download is 1.6 gigabytes, I assume that everyone is going to
              saturate those servers...I can upload individual copies to those that
              will mirror with high bandwidth from my Chicago-based server (please
              email me off-list), and encourage others to post mirrors here, too.

              Comments and bug reports can go to this mailing list for now; we'll move
              to Bugzilla if need be, later.

              To install: set the download to be executable and run it; it will show
              the license text and then unpack itself.

              Have fun!



                Torrent is Online



                  There is some hope for UT3 after all

                  You guys just made my day...


                    Originally posted by Terror_Force View Post
                    The torrent is working GREAT - I highly recommend it compared to the direct links, which are totally saturated.


                      I have 100% complained plenty, so it's only fair to also say Thank You to those who put the work in to make this happen.



                        my server provider is meant to be the official epic server provider and this is what they said when i asked them about a linux server to rent

                        "We will not be hosting UT3 on linux. We are concerned with bugs, and the lack of the speed of updates as patches come out"


                          The beta Linux is out, lets hope the issues get worked out with the server performance for both server versions since many of the issues thus far have been the same for the most part. This is a small step in a right direction, now keep walking EPIC