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Unable to see server in Master list

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    Unable to see server in Master list

    I have been toying with my dedicated server for the past couple of hours and I finally got it to show my server name but it will not show up in the server list.

    Here is my setup:

    ut3.exe Server VCTF-Sandstorm?Game=UTGameContent.UTVehicleCTFGame_Content?GameMode=3?Numplay=8?MaxPlayers=16?NumPublicConnections=16?NumPrivateConnections=0?MinNetPlayers=1?TimeLimit=20?GoalScore=3?BotSkill=5?bIsDedicated=true?bUsesStats=true?ForceRespawn=1?bShouldAdvertise=true?PureServer=0?bIsLanMatch=false?bAllowJoinInProgress=true -Login=xxxxxxxx -Password=xxxxxxxx -Log=myserver.log
    I have port forwarding on all 3 ports (7777, 6500, 13000). My server is currently in the DMZ. I can manually add it through Xfire but I cannot see it normally.

    My OS firewall has been disabled as well. The only other thing I can think of it my virus scan getting in the way.

    I've looked around the forum but I haven't seen any true answers for everyone. I am just wondering if there is something I have over looked.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. Is there a reason that you have ?PureServer=0 instead of ?PureServer=1 ? You dont appear to be running any mutators so your server should be pure.
    2. Epic has recommended that your manually forward the required ports rather than operate the server in a DMZ. I'm not entirely sure why, but I saw them say that once.
    3. One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they forget to use a unique Gamespy login for their server. Use your server login as a player to prove that it is authenticating correctly.


      I could just remove pureserver. I was just seeing if it would make a difference.

      I've done both. Actually right now I am in the DMZ with ports forwarded just in case. I guess I'll keep plugging away and see if I can figure this out.


        What op system?
        Are you patched? I would have at least patch1.01 beta.
        How do you start your server from a batch or cmd prompt?
        Probably need to use -nohomdir also.
        What is your type of connection and router/modem?
        Are you sure you got ports open on the right server local ip?

        Also show your log after you boot your server up here in the forum so we can see if fstun active!


          Vista Ultimate 32-bit
          Patched to 1.1 Official for game client and dedicated server
          Started from cmd prompt
          Cable - Linksys WRT54G router
          Yep 7777, 6500 and 13000 on my server machine

          Actually by setting up port forwarding instead of DMZ I lose the ability to see it when I add it manually.

          Log:     version  1.710000
          Log:     licensee Unreal Engine 3 Licensee
          Log:     project  Unreal Engine 3 Project
          Log: GConfig::Find has loaded file:  ..\Engine\Localization\int\
          Log: GConfig::Find has loaded file:  ..\Engine\Localization\int\
          Log: Loaded shader cache LocalShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM2.CacheObject: 128 shaders(0 legacy, 0 redundant), 1 materials
          Log: Loaded shader cache RefShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM2.CacheObject: 20451 shaders(0 legacy, 106 redundant), 2371 materials
          Log: GConfig::Find has loaded file:  ..\Engine\Localization\int\
          Log: GConfig::Find has loaded file:  ..\UTGame\Localization\int\
          Log: GConfig::LoadFile has loaded file:  ..\UTGame\Config\UTWeapon.ini
          Log: GConfig::LoadFile has loaded file:  ..\UTGame\Config\UTCustomChar.ini
          Log: GConfig::LoadFile associated file:  ..\UTGame\Config\UTMap.ini
          Log: GConfig::Find has loaded file:  ..\Engine\Localization\int\
          Init: Version: 3521
          Init: Epic Internal: 0
          Init: Compiled: Dec  7 2007 15:04:52
          Init: Command line:  VCTF-Sandstorm?Game=UTGameContent.UTVehicleCTFGame_Content?GameMode=3?Numplay=8?MaxPlayers=16?NumPublicConnections=16?NumPrivateConnections=0?MinNetPlayers=1?TimeLimit=20?GoalScore=3?BotSkill=5?bIsDedicated=true?bUsesStats=true?ForceRespawn=1?bShouldAdvertise=true?bIsLanMatch=false?bAllowJoinInProgress=true -Login=xxxxxxxx -Password=xxxxxxxx -Log=myserver.log
          Init: Base directory: D:\games\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)\Binaries\
          Init: Character set: Unicode
          Log: Executing Class Engine.ServerCommandlet
          Log: Initializing Game Engine...
          Log: GConfig::Find has loaded file:  ..\Engine\Localization\int\
          Log: GConfig::Find has loaded file:  ..\UTGame\Localization\int\
          Init: UEngine initialized
          Log: Looking for DLC...
          Log: Object size..............: 60
          Log: Actor size...............: 436
          Log: ActorComponent size......: 88
          Log: PrimitiveComponent size..: 448
          Log: GConfig::Find has loaded file:  ..\UTGame\Config\UTUIDataStore_Registry_0.ini
          Log: Performing DNS lookup for
          Log: Browse: VCTF-Sandstorm?Name=xxxxxxxx?team=255?Game=UTGameContent.UTVehicleCTFGame_Content?GameMode=3?Numplay=8?MaxPlayers=16?NumPublicConnections=16?NumPrivateConnections=0?MinNetPlayers=1?TimeLimit=20?GoalScore=3?BotSkill=5?bIsDedicated=true?bUsesStats=true?ForceRespawn=1?bShouldAdvertise=true?bIsLanMatch=false?bAllowJoinInProgress=true
          Log: LoadMap: VCTF-Sandstorm?Name=xxxxxxxx?team=255?Game=UTGameContent.UTVehicleCTFGame_Content?GameMode=3?Numplay=


            Actually, see if you can see a server called Iowa Home Grown vCTF (1.1) in Vehicle CTF. I can see it on but not in Xfire.

            Cheezy name I know but it's mostly for testing.


              There is no "Official patch" yet ! If I understand you correctly?
              I cant see the end of the server boot for FSTUN example:

              Log: Bringing up level for play took: 0.874643
              Log: ########### Finished loading level: 3.325842 seconds
              Init: Game engine initialized
              Log: Initializing Game Engine Completed
              Log: FSTUNClient resolved (

              You should start from a batch file and also have -nohomedir in commandline!


                FSTUNClient resolved correctly and I added -nohomedir to the command line but it doesn't look like it helped.

                For some reason the logs never show the tail end of the loading process.

                I created a batch file but that should not matter.


                  I have never had a problem with my server.log or .log not showing the load and beyond that in all unreal engine games that I have ran servers for which is just about all.

                  Also cmd start and batch start can be quite different depending on how your batch is set up and how it is pathed and I also see you running from vista and also D:/ so you may think none of this matters and you have all the answers but yet your server is not working correctly it seems!

                  Show me your batch file command or may I suggest you use this one here that Dub posted. And at first I had troubles and thought my end was proper but it was just a little thing that I over looked because I added another wireless local recently which changed my local server ip so I had to config ports to the new ip.

                  Anyway I use XP pro from C:/ so I dont know if Vista is the issue but I cannot help you more other than show you Dubs post and I recommend you use this/his batch file with minor changes till you get a visible connectable server!


                  Heres the simple batch file I started with!

                  cd \Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)\binaries
                  ut3.exe server vCTF-Suspense?Game=UTGameContent.UTVehicleCTFGame_Content?GameMode=3?numplay=8?maxplayers=8?NumPublicConnections=8?NumPrivateConnections=0?NumOpenPublicConnections=8?NumOpenPrivateConnections=0?bShouldAdvertise=True?bIsDedicated=True?PureServer=1?timelimit=15?goalscore=3?botskill=3?AdminPassword=youradminpassword -log=server.log -login=yourGSlogin -password=yourGSpassword -nohomedir -unattended
                  cd \Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)\UTGame\Logs
                  copy server.log server.bak
                  goto one


                    Originally posted by ANick View Post
                    There is no "Official patch" yet ! If I understand you correctly?
                    Yes there is.


                      I looked through that post and edited my batch file accordingly and tried to get multihome to work but that just breaks UTcp and it idle's out trying to load. This also causes the server to crash if I don't close it after it starts to fail.

                      I would really hate to have to just scrap trying to set up a server because it won't show up on the master list but shows up elsewhere.

                      It's getting out and it can be seen, just not by the master server.

                      **EDIT:I'll leave it up for the rest of the day if anyone wants to try to connect to it
                      Viewable on Game-Monitor
                      IP is: **