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Server not showing up as dedicated

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    Server not showing up as dedicated


    If I check the 'dedicated only' filter in my server browser, our (unpatched - Gameservers rental) server is not showing up. I can only see it if I uncheck that option. So we look like a listen server. Has anybody else encountered this?

    I have tried many variations of the command line... port number changes, and so on. Currently I have this:

    server vCTF-Suspense?Game=UTGameContent.UTVehicleCTFGame_Conte nt?GameMode=3?MaxPlayers=10?bPlayersBalanceTeams=T rue?NumPlay=0?AdminPassword=xxxx?GoalScore=5?TimeL imit=20?bShouldAdvertise=True?bUsesStats=True?bIsD edicated=True?ServerDescription=067000104000097000 11100011600010500009900003200006800011400010100009 70001090001150000320000450000320000720001110001090 00101000032000111000102000032000116000104000101000 03200006700010400009700011100011500003200010900011 1000100000 -login=xxxx -password=xxxx -multihome= -port=7777 -log=GameServers.log -unattended -nohomedir

    I guess until we can get patched and fix the name issue, it is currently listed as Dorian_Servers: Chaotic Dreams - Home of the Chaos mod

    Really need to make it appear correctly in the browser as a dedicated server. Any tips would be appreciated.

    Unpatched servers will not appears as dedicated when the filter check is enabled. Only patched servers will appear when this box is checked.