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prob with the port and in multiplayer game

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    Originally posted by Dubious View Post
    You said that you used the port trigger config because your router needs that when you are opening ports. Epic Games said that using that config will cause the game to detect that you are using an incompatible network config.

    You have an incompatible network configuration that is being detected by UT3. You will have to remove the port trigger (port mapping) configuration in order to host a server.

    1)how i remove the tiger port?
    you have a gaide?

    2) i remove the v on Enable Trigger Port
    and the problam still probing

    mayby this is the problem??

    NAT Settings

    Network Address Translation (NAT) allows multiple users at your local site to access the Internet through a single Public IP Address or multiple Public IP Addresses. NAT provides Firewall protection from hacker attacks and has the flexibility to allow you to map Private IP Addresses to Public IP Addresses for key services such as the Web or FTP.

    Enable or disable NAT module function : and this on Enable (this is the prob???)

    and if is not the prob mabay this????

    Security Settings (Firewall)

    The Broadband router provides extensive firewall protection by restricting connection parameters, thus limiting the risk of hacker attack, and defending against a wide array of common attacks. However, for applications that require unrestricted access to the Internet, you can configure a specific client/server as a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

    Enable or disable Firewall module function : this on Disable


      i dont understand what to do
      the last mesage i read help in somthing??