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Error "This game cannot run with 3D graphics over a Remote Desktop Connection"

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  • Error "This game cannot run with 3D graphics over a Remote Desktop Connection"

    Hi All

    I am trying to run a dedicated server on a remote windows 2003 server and I am getting the error mentioned in the thread title. My commandline(minus the login and admin name/passwords) is:

    ut3.exe Server CTF-OmicronDawn?Game=UTGameContent.UTCTFGame_Content?G ameMode=1?Numplay=1?MaxPlayers=12?NumPublicConnect ions=12?NumPrivateConnections=0?MinNetPlayers=0?Ti meLimit=20?GoalScore=5?BotSkill=3?ServerDescriptio n=077000121000115000116000105000099000032000085000 084000051000032000067000084000070000?bIsDedicated= true?bUsesStats=true?ForceRespawn=0?bShouldAdverti se=true?PureServer=1?bIsLanMatch=false?bAllowJoinI nProgress=true? -Log=myserver.log -unattended

    I am using the dedicated server version without any patches.

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    Running Dos-Apps in TS-Mode is not the right way.
    Your error appears cause the UT-Logo comes up (No screen found).
    You have to configure many Registry-Settings, or:
    register your applications to start them as a service (use tools such as Firedaemon) to start your dedicated server.

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      Are you running this in a batch file?


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        I tried both a batch file and directly from the commandline.


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          Odd. I run mine using batch files and start them via Remote Desktop. It sounds like it is launching the full game somehow and not the dedicated server package.


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            You can not run the game remotely on a server. You have to use services to run it. Go look up a good command line here in the forums and set it to services. The command lines get LONG, but its the only way at the moment.

            Best thing to do is get Firedaemon and use it. Its much easier to use. Again, you have to use the command lines to start it remotely.


            • #7
              Craz, I am not running the "game". I'm running the dedicated server package, using command lines in a batch file. I've been running UT3 servers since the demo.

              Firedaemon would be great. I've just not had any luck getting it to show the console (i.e. Interact with Desktop).


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                Slaughter, I tried to run UT3 (in dedicated server mode exactly) via RDP and also got error about incompatibility with RDP.


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                  I Have to agree with Slaughter on this one.

                  Maybe this probleem is created by not having a shader 2.0 vga card in your server. Which VGA Card is in the system recoiledsnake ?


                  • #10
                    I have the UT3 server software running just fine on a Compaq DeskPro EN over remote desktop (windows 2003). The deskpro has an Intel 82815 video chipset.

                    I can't run the game at all on this box, but the server runs with no issues.


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                      LordStrider could you please put the specs of your machine here and what software is installed on the hardware. I'am want to know how the **** you get that server working on a Intel 82815 Video Chipset, because a Intel 82865G gives an Shader 2.0 Error


                      • #12
                        Matrix it is a Compaq Deskpro EN.

                        Intel PIII 866Mhz CPU
                        768M Ram
                        pair of Seagate 120G drives on raid
                        Intel 82815 onboard Video
                        Windows 2003 server.

                        It has no extra software on it as I just use it as a testing dump box. It's not a power house, but it works for up to 4 players ok. I've been using it for years as a test box before I make official changes to my other hosted servers.


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                          Also running a dedicated server on (2) seperate windows 2003 servers. use command line on both, as well as remote desktop on one, and tightvnc on the other. Patch 1.1 installed on all servers.

                          1st server (hosts the {hlk} Warfare server) nat'd behind hardware firewall
                          Athlon 2500+
                          1gig ram
                          Geforce 5500 FX

                          2nd server (hosts the {hLk} TDM and Duel Servers) nat'd behind hardware firewall
                          Poweredge (1850?)
                          PIII 1.2gig (ye i know its a pos, but it seems to run ok nonetheless).
                          512meg ram
                          ATI Rage XL onboard