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Admin runnig listen server i connect and all disconnect

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  • Admin runnig listen server i connect and all disconnect

    hey all the server i play on is running a listen server because he wants to play and I'm on a lan with him... the server runs great people can connect and have fun playing but then when I connect everyone disconnects except the server admin and me can anyone please tell me why this is... also i can only see the server and connect to once a night which is again very annoying i was going to stay connected but then no1else can see the server grrrrr this problem really needs ot be fixed can anyone give me some answers for this please

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    I don't have an answer, but you already have one open thread for the exact same issue. Please try to use only one thread.


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      Yeah I'm sorry bout that i could not see it so i started a new one I have asked Admin to delete it it was worded wrongly anyway lol... could the problem be a beta patch problem


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        still having this prob is anyonelse having it


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          Make sure you don't use the same Gamespy login to play (for your client) and for your server. That may lead to problems.