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Is the Linux dedicated server out?

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    Can we please have an update, some of us have contractual obligations, a simple update would help us keep our ends tidy.

    What the hell is wrong with that?


      This is ****,our server provider from ut2004 wont even touch this game without the linux executables.This game is dead without it,the pc version will be dead in the water if you dont release it like now.


        I agree with Vlad, you risk rejection by not having linux servers.
        I understand that there are legal problems but there's gotta be a way to sort this out quicker.
        A lot of clans right now cant play because their server providers run linux machines only, which under normal circumstances wouldnt be a problem but obviously without a linux version...
        Many ppl are already fed up with the problems they have with the game and the linux server problem could be the final straw for those.
        The games that were sold to these ppl may have brought you the money but if a lot of ppl leave the game already, there wont be much of a community left to bring new ppl into the game.


          It's time for a statement to the progress.
          I wouldn't have bought the game if I knew that they won't release the server until 2009.... so many bugs...
          I spend 55€ for this game, which is worth 10€ until patch 5 or something like that...


            I'dd,this is getting tiresome.Epic's will get their invested money back from the ps3 version,they dont need us tbh because we are just being difficult and expect that our game works as it should and that we have somewhere to play That FAQ section should be updated far more often,as it is people keep wondering,getting ****** off at the lack of official info .


              Originally posted by Vlad^Tepes View Post
              That FAQ section should be updated far more often,as it is people keep wondering,getting ****** off at the lack of official info .
              As stated at the top of the post, the FAQ is not an official Epic posting, but rather a collection of information maintained by the community. While it will be updated when the Linux server becomes available it should not be looked to for any official status update. It is updated often as you can see at the bottom of the post. It was updated as recently as yesterday.

              There is no "official" update past the last one, which stated that the Linux server was not ready due to some code re-writes that have to take place in order to circumvent some legal issues associated with middleware.


                Please EPIC get the linux server up.
                I kow it takes time to code such a thing properly. But the community needs the linux servers.

                I played every UT and loved it. I also love UT3. So please get the servers up. I count on you


                  Dubious im talking about Epics FAQ posted by Wartourist,not the one compiled by the community.That faq doesnt even mention a dedicated linux server,just that theyre working on a linux client.The official information is thin on the ground and tbh its strange how something like this can happen considering how many years the UT franchise have existed now.They have not provided the community with a working infrastructure , the descicion to realease the game without linux support when 75-80 % of all serverhosts use linux is insane,how can they cripple their own game like that ? It saddens me how all this **** could ending up killing the franchise on the pc format,the unreal series has been a dear part of my life for 10 years and i had very high hopes in this latest game.

                  I dont have those hopes anymore,it will take a lot of patching to make it work and for Epic to make the game differ a lot more from the ps3 version.They should have done that straight away,developed on the pc and THEN dumb down interfaces and remove what the consoleplayers doesnt need .Now theyre depriving us of the game this should have been instead of the subpar console port that it currently is.

                  My two cents


                    I realized this morning that we are running into a big problem here, the windows server has a **** load of errors and until that is stable we will not see a dedicated Linux version for some time. Unfortunately for EPIC most of the game server companies use Linux for their dedicated servers.

                    At the time of this post here are the player server stats for th UT games:

                    Unreal Tournament 2004
                    1648 servers, 4392 players

                    Unreal Tournament
                    1829 servers, 1012 players

                    Unreal Tournament 3 (PC)
                    523 servers, 333 players

                    This is not looking good folks.


                      Hi all. We're working on getting the linux dedicated server released as soon as possible.