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Windows Freezing at Map Change

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    This is probably fruitless, so I'm going to clean install the machine I intend to use this with (and move it over to linux at some point after the ded version is available)

    I find nothing in the logs to indicate what the problem might be causing windows to simply hang, however in the command line it's always at the 'seamless server travel' to the next map initiation.

    Any known conflicts that might cause this to happen on dedicated server run from retail? It doesn't happen when you host as a listen server at map switch.

    I did patch it through the first 3 beta patches with the same results.

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  • started a topic Windows Freezing at Map Change

    Windows Freezing at Map Change

    Had this on the Demo and now the Retail Version.

    On Win XP home trying to host a dedicated server, all works perfectly except that Windows completely freezes at the map switch requiring a hard PC reboot. Anyone else experience this? What happens at the map switch that could cause a critical system error?

    Basically it's impossible for me to run a Ded server for more than one map. Have played around and it happens whether there are players in the server or not. I'm only opening up about 5 slots for a FFA DM.

    I'm going to poke around in the event logs still, but I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced this...

    Running WinXP Home...a P4 3.2 Gig processor/1.5 gig of RAM. Works and runs fine while playing online or instant action in map switches. It actually runs the game great when playing for an older machine.