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UT3 Dedicated with own Game

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    UT3 Dedicated with own Game


    i cant run a dedicated Server with my OWN Game.

    A non dedicated works fine.

    If i run a dedicated Server the Windows show like this

    Last line = ERROR

    What can i do to fix it ??

    Add '?botskill=#' to your commandline, where the # is from 1-7 (I think), with 7 being the highest skilled bots.


      I start it form my Game.
      Not the Windows dedicated files.

      Its my own Game!
      I start the dedicated from the game.
      Game close and start the console.

      So i cant set the commandline ... i think ?!


        You can but it will not matter because it is a bug that should be fixed in the first retail patch hopefully.

        I believe that this is also an issue for many home dedicated servers that cannot gain internet clients yet due to IP transverse so dont worry about it.

        Internet clients still wont be able to connect to your server from retail or free dedicated as I have tried all ways to fix that and several other things.

        Wait for the first retail patch and just play LAN unpatched or make sure bLanMatch=True in menu startup or in command line or join other servers to play!