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    Admins please note

    Far, far too many servers are running as 24 player servers. This is excellent news for the scalability of ut3, but the stock maps in general are too small and not designed for 24. 18 works far better for most maps, so this is a plea to many of you.

    Until we have high playercount maps, we need more lower playercount servers - or all the newbies buying this game will see loads of stalemates and think that the online game is rubbish, and will desert in droves.

    loads of stalemates
    I tend to think of stalemates and overtime as an example of evenly-matched teams. Personally, if the game is won too quickly by a series of humiliating defeats, then one team is endowed with far more l337 players than the other and this is no fun.

    When a game goes into overtime, I find it to be intense and suspenseful. These are the best games!

    I have played 24-32 player servers and it seems to be well balanced for most maps. (Okay, 32 may be approaching lunacy! ) 18 seems like it would work as well, though. Personally, I find most maps to be just fine with between 12 and 24 players- the sweet spot, as it were.