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You must be joking

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    You must be joking

    I am sorry but I am going to have to agree with some of the whiners in here. In no way should it be so hard to get the server working. I have tried here at home, I have had a server company buddy try and I have now ordered a game server through a reputable company and the result is the same. It simply doesn't work out of the box. I literally just got my welcome email from my server company..go off to play around with my new server settings and it's stopped. try to start it and it stays up for a mere 3-4 minutes before crashing dead to a stop.

    I have plenty of experience running UT99, 2003, 2004 servers as well as BF2, COD2, COd4 and so on. This UT3 is really down on the bottom of the pile for ease of setup. No readme in the dedicated server package, no information on this missing web admin interface. Nothing. That's going to sting you EPIC/Midway people. Let me throw a statistic out there. I see around 300 UT3 servers total and alot of them are EPIC/Midway hosted servers. By contrast COd4 had nearly 3000 up the first week and now that number is fast approaching 7000.

    I come from a 135/35 Low Grav Instagib background and I understand that things will never be the same for my gametype. I was willing to bend. I am fairly disappointed at this point after going through this server nightmare and can only hope things improve and fast. there are alot of great games I could be playing instead of wasting time trying to make the **** server work.

    Wish List:

    -Detailed Sever Administration readme
    -Web Admin Interface
    -A more robust in interface..the current one is borderline terrible.
    -Gamespy ID..this was a critical blunder IMHO. Why do we get stuck with a gamespy ID name and a "clan tag" above our ID? That's simply sub par. I forgot my login and I had to use another email address because there is no way to recover your login name? That's weak gentlemen, very weak. Get rid of it now.
    -Game Speed and Air control

    Yeah the gamespy bit is a little extreme. But heck its better than Steam. That is a nightmare.


      I have to agree with the OP about the quality of the product. I haven't bought the full retail game yet and I judge my comments on the beta demo and the recently downloaded the full server.

      IMO, the beta demo is probably 95+ %; the pure server I downloaded doesn't work behind a router which I find beyond offensive. Did you guys [Epic] test this thing before you released it for download? You do know the majority of the world of savvy users have routers/firewalls, right?! I'm assuming the full retail game is also lacking in its ability to run in multiplayer hosting mode behind routers as well. This is just **** poor and an obvious money grubbing/get-it-in-the-stores-before-the-Thanksgiving-rush play. Shame on you Epic!

      My major beefs:
      -No way to run a server behind a router due to bugs
      -No documentation included for the dedicated server (that I can find)
      -No webadmin interface for the dedicated server


        Originally posted by SkrU View Post
        Yeah the gamespy bit is a little extreme. But heck its better than Steam. That is a nightmare.
        What's the problem with Steam? Dedicated server for Windows and Linux(!!!) available, self updating, readme included, pretty stable and performant... I'm playing Team Fortress 2 now since I am not able to set up an UT3 dedicated for almost 2 weeks... that's a shame.

        And the Steam client/serverbrowser doesn't have that much ads included as Gamespy (and you are forced to use Gamespy for UT3, since the game itself has no real filtering options included and the dedicateds crash when you try to use HLSW).


          I too have to agree 100% with Gibfest07

          The whole server release and implintation seems to have been a bit rushed and not well thought out. In addition to this going with GaySpy has caused more headaches then i ever imagined coming from a UT release.


            GibFest I feel exactly as you do. I have spent many hours trying and I am a technical person full of experience at this and the credentials to back it.

            This server has been problematic from day one. Hope you don't mind, but here is my post on this matter. I could not have been more nice but what I really wanted to say was not.

            WarTourist's sticky said he would post more about the server. The silence if deafening.


              Just to provide a little more information on my situation I stated above, I had as a last resort ordered a UT3 server through a reputable company last night and couldn't get it to stay on. I talked to them this morning and they didn't even want to talk about it, they simply apologized and promptly refunded me. They told me the server is the biggest piece of **** they have ever had to deal with and that's putting it nicely. If EPIC/Midway pays any attention to these forums you had better get the LINUX server out and fast in a working condition or your UT baby is going to suffer and extremely fast and painful death.

              Fix the server
              Fix the game

              We can forgive once.

              Sadly, I have been forgiving since 2003 and I am not quite sure why I am still doing it. Listen, UT2004 IMHO was a great game and suffered a shorter than expected life span due to the complete disregard for any type of supported cheat protection. I am willing to bet UT3..if it ever gets off the ground will suffer that same fate in a years time. Why? because you developers/producers don't listen to your fanbase. I am trying so hard to like the game and I am getting more and more ****** off by the day. Do us all a favor and fix this game. Listen to what we ask for and fix the game, we already gave you our money.


                Please have patience, patches are coming.