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Dedicated server command line

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    Dedicated server command line

    I'm working on setting up my UT3 Server since 5hours now... My problem is the command line.
    Could someone give me an command line for:

    Game-Mode: Warfare
    Map: All warfare maps and Vote
    Player: 12 Players
    Bots: 4Botts @ Diff 3

    and -multihome= -unattended

    First, you will want to follow the instructions in this thread to enable mapvote:

    Second, here is a commandline that I would start with:
    ut3.exe server WAR-Downtown?Game=UTGameContent.UTOnslaughtGame_Content?GameMode=2?numplay=4?maxplayers=12?NumPublicConnections=12?NumPrivateConnections=0?NumOpenPublicConnections=12?NumOpenPrivateConnections=0?bShouldAdvertise=True?bIsDedicated=True?PureServer=1?timelimit=20?goalscore=1?botskill=3?AdminPassword=MyAdminPassword -log=server.log -login=MyGamespyLogin -password=MyGamespyPassword -multihome= -nohomedir -unattended
    That should give you a 12 player server with 4 bots, a 20min time limit, and a 1 score victory. Obviously you will have to change the logins and passwords and IP address.


      Hmm, I also got an error using this command line:

      Log: Flushing async loaders.
      Log: Family Asset Package Loaded: CH_IronGuard_Male_SF
      Log: CONSTRUCTIONING: LoadFamilyAsset (IRNM) Took: 3.37 secs
      ScriptLog: CUSTOMCHAR Start: UTPlayerReplicationInfo_0 Cain V01
      Log: StartCustomCharMerge: 0.113424 ms initializing, 0.434693 ms texture streaming
      Log: === Critical error: ===
      General protection fault!
      History: Address = 0x970340   (filename not found) [in UT3.exe]
      Exit: Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
      Exit: Executing UWindowsClient::ShutdownAfterError
      Log: Shutting down FaceFX...
      Log: FaceFX shutdown.
      Exit: Exiting.
      Exit: Name subsystem shutting down
      Uninitialized: Log file closed, 11/22/07 16:21:06


        I'm fairly convinced by now that there is a bug in the code that is causing the game to exit because it is unable to bind itself to the IP address. This seems to only be happening with people who are operating servers behind NAT and are attempting to bind the server to the external IP address using the '-multihome=' command. You are seeing the same thing that others are seeing.

        At this point I do not know of a workaround for you. The first patch (due early next week due to the holiday in the USA) has some new features which should fix this problem for you.

        Originally posted by Steve Polge
        - Implemented STUN support (Simple Traversal of UDP Through Network Address Translators) to enable clients and servers to connect from behind a NAT.