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Add Mutators without CommandLine access?

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    In the upcoming patch they added this feature.

    First, login to the console as admin with: AdminLogin <password>

    The you can use the following command:
    - AdminChangeOption [option] [value] This allows changing most simple .ini values (e.g. GoalScore) from the client. This command will not override URL options. The change will take effect after the next map change.

    I suppose an example might be:
    - AdminChangeOption mutator UTGame.UTMutator_Instagib

    I honestly dont know if that would work or not, mainly because the patch isnt out yet

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  • started a topic Add Mutators without CommandLine access?

    Add Mutators without CommandLine access?

    Well, we have rented a server, unfortunately we have no command line access. After much fun with their ticket system it is apparent that they have little clue of what they are doing with ut3.

    So I was wondering if it was possible to add gametype specific mutators via MapVote, like the way you could in 2k*.

    I tried to use the syntax as 2k* with no success.

    Any help would be great...Thanks.