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Dedicated Server Request.

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    Dedicated Server Request.

    At age 46, UT2004 was the first game I played online. I am now approaching 50 and the UT series will most likely be the only game I play online with consistency.

    I want to say that UT3 is truly great. The artistry, the feel, it is all good.

    The clan I am in ranges in age from 17 to almost 60. We participate in TWL and FraggedNation. My clan wants to rent 3 UT3 Warfare servers. We put our provider through the ringer to bring up the UT3 Demo and cannot do that to them again. We feel, this version of the dedicated server is just not up to snuff. Therefore, sadly, we are holding off.

    On the bright side, we still rent several UT2004 Onslaught dedicated servers and continue to play UT2004. We can wait on the UT3 dedicated server.

    I have had on reserve -- since Feb of this year -- my copy of UT3. Eventually, I converted it to the collectors edition and want to quote from the first page of the collectors edition booklet:
    "Hi! I'm Mike Capps, President at Epic Games,
    As President . . .
    What keeps these guys going on nights and weekends is the passion that it HAS to be right. We're lucky that we've earned a position in the industry where we don't have to ship until it's ready, where we can afford to take "two more weeks" or even an extra year to do it right, so we can ship something we're proud of. We hope you can tell, and we hope you think it was worth the wait.
    If not, I bet you'll tell us "
    I am telling you, Epic, to be proud of the artistry, the player movement, the weapons, the vehicles, and the editor. First class, all the way. What is not first class, is the dedicated server.

    You truly have a great game.

    Please fix the dedicated server with the same greatness and fix it as your number #1 priority. Please.

    I know personally, if there is anything I can do to help, I will do it. Just ask.