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This game is a disgrace to the UT franchise

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    This game is a disgrace to the UT franchise

    Server wise. I thought Medal of Honor: Airborne was the biggest joke in the history of gaming when they didn't release dedicated server files with the game. Then Crysis comes out with the same mess as MoH:A did. Then again it was from EA so I wasn't THAT surprised that a game in 2007 didn't come out with dedicated server files.

    I think the biggest shock to me since ive been hosting games and playing games for that fact, is that UT3 is the biggest disappoint server wise. I host the only Quake Wars pug server, the Call of Duty 4 pug servers, and for the UT3 demo ran the most popular duel servers in North America, by far. UT3 is the only game where I wake up in the morning and expecting something to go wrong with the game. It is the only game I didn't look forward to hosting, and still don't.

    When I first saw dedicated server files were released, I was insanely happy, because I constantly told my current demo customers and anyone interested in renting a server, that I would never ever host UT3 if their were no dedicated files. So here they are, dedicated files - im happy as can be, until I found out its just a new screw up like the demo servers.

    So here we are, year 2007, almost a decade after UT99 was released, and with worse server capability's. You would think in a decade EPIC would only get better, but it was the total opposite. This release was a total slap in the face to any server provider. From gamespy logins, to needing to adjust the command line to adjust the game, to high cpu % even with no players in the server.

    Was the game ready for release? Maybe. Was the game ready to be played on the internet and people able to rent servers? Not even close.

    Call of Duty 4 came out a little ago. Maybe you guys should of took notes on how a game is supposed to be released? I wont go into how the game is way more polished and it had more advertising, but I will go into how it has a simple server.cfg that you load up and hey WHAT DO YOU KNOW? The server is up and running! No insane command lines, no game spy ids (whoever thought this was a good idea for a game is crazy), just a simple server.cfg that has more options than the defaultgame.ini has, yet the defaultgame.ini is 3x as big.

    UT3 is an obvious port from consoles, there is no question about that. But how you disgraced your PC fans with this release completely blows my mind. The game starts at the servers. Servers let people play. You screwed the server companys with these terrible server ideas and while it may not effect the players today, it'll effect them about 6 months down the line now when they want to purchase a server to play in TWL or CAL and realize no one is hosting this game anymore because they are tired of restarting the servers every 6 hours from them magically quitting.

    How can this be fixed? Make this game like a normal UT game where its more dependent on .ini then it is on command line. Right now, getting this game to work TCAdmin, a popular control panel for many game server providers, is a trick in itself, because for some reason you guys want everything to be commands in a command line instead of running it off of .ini files like the other UT games.

    Thank you for wasting my time with this joke of a release with these server files that dont accomplish anything because ill have to close a command line later tonight to add ?weaponstay=off? because its impossible for a customer to control the server with TCAdmin.

    -RIB Hosting, a company that is struggling every day to find the motivation to host UT3.

    This is 2007, not 1987, get with the program EPIC.

    that is really disappointing and discouraging for everyone, especially the big server companies who will not try so hard to host servers that eat resources and crash so often :|


      you know what is the deal with ut franchise?, the crowd who loves to play it, we will play till we die and we will host it till the money runs out, ohtrue.

      I have right now 5 new UT3 dedicated servers(ready to launch in a few hours woot) , 2 ut3 demoservers, 3 ut2004 and 1 ut99, no I am not a host company, I just own 2 servers, and many of the clan founders i know do too at least 1, or they are getting into.

      The pain in the *** with this UT3 , yes, I guess Epic didnt ask no one in the community about what we want and what should stay(spec slot for example) and what not. Doesnt matter , they will fix it like the others at our way, we will play it and you will ask why?

      Pesonaly because I was around playing lately checking crysis, cod, TF2, etc etc etc and jesuschrist the lord they suck man, the player movement is just way to 1337 in UT in general, ut2004 player movement is just really pro. I am really happy you guys in epic didnt alter that. ty btw.

      so from a guy who host 11, 15 20 Servers,doesnt matter, I tell ya is a pain yes, but UT is #1 forso