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Looking for a host for a dedicated server

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    Looking for a host for a dedicated server

    I'm looking at different sites to rent out a dedicated server to run ut3 and ut2004 on.

    I been to tons of sites and would like your opinion on which one you prefer!

    Few examples of sites I checked out!

    As with anyone I'm looking for the best bang for the buck. Looking at hosting 24 players while running ut2004 & UT3 at the same time and maybe a 3rd for private server. Linux based w/ full root access.



    Try this guy. Great host. I have used him for 2 years. He is in Texas and about to be in Chicago.


      I have 4 servers with Tom of Vipers Servers.

      3 are UT2004
      1 is UT3 Demo Server.

      I have been with Tom for over 3 years and his Customer Relations is the best.
      I have been with plenty of Server providers and non come close to Tom.
      They all say what you want to hear, but when your server has a problem. Tom is the only one that answer his phone.

      I wish you good luck and if you need anymore info. Just PM me.
      See you in Game UT3


        tom is great..

        i also recommend & (site appears offline atm though)


          Hes asking for a dedicated server, not a game server . I recommend, they are awesome. They are also velocity servers AND summit servers, and a lot of other game server providers such as my self (RIBHosting, etc,) trust them with our boxes in their datacenters. If you do order from them, let them know Jeff Shappart sent you


            Where are you located? If you're in Europe, I might be able to offer something.


              I have a 24 user game server at The only bummer is so far is that they are running Linux. So I gotta wait till the Linux UT3 dedicated server software is released to start my server. sniff...sniff


                I'm in the USA.

                I figure doing a dedicated server I'll have full access to do what I please. I have a crappy server on a T1 and it can only handle 16 players.


                  I can get you a dedicated server if you want to run on Windows (or Linux but I recommend Windows, plus UT3 is not out for Linux). It would also include a game control panel to help you install and configure whatever games you want. Then you can give accounts to your friends if needed if you want them to be able to restart the games etc.

                  I would steer clear of web hosting sites as they generally have bad bandwidth connections and share the connection across many servers.

                  Also if you provide more details I can help you figure out how much RAM and CPU you will need to run the games. For game servers look for a company that provide Internap connection, that will give good pings for your players.

                  You can reach me at



                    We have very reasonable prices on dedicated servers, ut3 / ut2004 / ut2003 / ut99 are supported with our rentals..


                      You may be interested in trying out Xtreme Cybergames (

                      Not only are they affordable, but their servers are very smooth, and their network routing is optimized to allow for lower pings. You can rent a trial server on their website for free to try them out, plus they offer a 7 day money back guarantee upon ordering a server.

                      I think you'll find that their customer support is the best in the business. Not only do they respond to each support request generally within 10 minutes of receiving it, but their answers are helpful and fix the problem. They also offer free map/mod installs as well as any other custom requests that you might have.

                      I would highly recommend them -- especially due to their support and the high quality of their servers. Just from reading their website you should be able to see their devotion to gaming, competition, and providing the best service in the industry. Just a FYI -- they will be launching another Toronto (East Coast) datacenter towards the end of this week.


                        I would highly recommend

                        Their total network capacity is 81Gbps, and they just recently added 10Gbps of InterNAP bandwidth which is probably the best provider to go with for game servers.

                        Although they are located in Chicago, IL, I get about 70ms steady from California.

                        Good luck!


                          Take a look at GigabitDC.COM dedicated server pricelist.


                            Check this

                            Nice prices, Full access and comes with (free redirect space, Teamspeak server and webhosting all for the price of one)


                              Originally posted by aCRaSSiCauDa View Post
                              Check this

                              Nice prices, Full access and comes with (free redirect space, Teamspeak server and webhosting all for the price of one)
                              "We Are Now ReOpened For Business" isn't what I would call very reassuring if someone is looking for a dedicated server hosting company.