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    Admin mailing list


    Is the admin mailing list down? I have not seen any replies for the last two days or so. If it is down that kind of sucks. I could still use some help from teh other admins. The way things are going I am not going to have my server ready for tomorrow

    Appears so. I haven't seen anything since Friday evening (US time) as well.



      Personally I think that the new server pack is a lot harder to work with. Much less straight forward on how to configure the server the way you want it. I was hoping to have an IG CTF server running for tomorrow but that does not look like it is going to happen now.


        It's a brave new world.


          I got back from a 5 day Trip and was wondering if any fixes server problems was made.
          From what my UT server bros tell me. Its a big Ouch.


            I am cool with things being different and all. I guess I was just hopefull that the server pack would be a little more what I had become used to.

            Like the rest of you guys I have been waiting for UT to come out. I don't get in to the other shooters on the market now as I think the game pace is too slow. I was a little bummed out that there is no more Bombin Run. It was my favorite game type. I understand why it was dropped and all.

            Guess that we will have to see how many server are out there tomrrow.



              Looks like many stores won't actually sell until Tuesday. Anyway, I'll have a large Warfare server and regular CTF server up. I think I've at least got map rotation ready! There have been questions about getting voting to work properly.

              We'll see what happens...


                Checking into it.


                  Yeah, a change on our backend borked the ML. New one being setup.


                    I heard that Spectator Slots was not available in the UT3 Retail.

                    I am Video caster and this will effect all video caster to do Warfare, VCTF, DM, TDM and TAM matches. We cover many ladders and will need this in the dedicated server pack.

                    I have 3 ea. UT2k4 servers and 1 ea. UT3 demo that I will WAIT to switch them over to UT3 until some things are fixed or added to the dedicated server pack.

                    We will have one dedicated Home Warfare server up to enjoy .
                    I will also help my UT Brother Slaughter out testing his servers and many other of my UT friends.

                    I also heard no Wide Screen support. I have 22" LCD and UT2k4 supports it nicely. Can you please add that to a patch.

                    Did you get Web Admin fixed?

                    Many of my guys want to wait until you have patch to fix some of the problems that have been posted.

                    We thank you for the hard work and the UT peeps just want this game to be awesome after the 4 year wait.