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New Linux Server Please??

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    from Jeff Morris
    date Nov 20, 2007 12:28 PM
    subject Re: Linux Status?

    Linux DS still being banged on. No ETA.

    That was from just 2.5 hours ago. So your provider is not running a Linux server unless its the beta version that crashes at map change.


      Ok I know Epic is working on the Linux dedicated server, but do they have any idea if its going to be soon like tomorrow this week?, next week?, this month? what?

      Just curious


        Icculus had indicated this would be released in conjunction with the retail release. Evidently this is not true.


          im very not happy with this version of ut

          interface very cheap ... admin tool ? any ?

          friend list and favorite server?

          from the time i run a ut server its the first time i see this from epic ....

          very ...


            I think Epic themselves don´t have that much information on when the Linux DS will be ready as they don´t code it themselves. As many of you will already know, coding for the Linux DS port was outsourced to Icculus.

            I pretty much guess, that is the reason, why there is such bad information flow concerning the status of the Linux DS.

            Also, i have run the Linux Demo Beta DS which was released Oct 14th, and as also many of you know that release back then was full of missing features and bug-infested like hell. Most people didn´t even get the Server to run stable for 2 Maps straight with reproducable Bugs...

            So what i can gather from these facts is, that the Linux Server coding will take much much longer than anticipated by any of the EPIC Staff or Icculus, due to tons of issues that have to be addressed in order to even release a semi-decent BASIC Server (without luxury things like Webadmin interface and the like)

            Why this situation is like it is now i can only guess, but my guess would be, that the work on the Serverpart of the Software started way too late in the stages of the UT3 Project, and now EPIC has to pay the price of this situation, as there is only a handful of people even considering playing online for now, as the Servers that are up and running (which are all Windows based Servers ofc) are not very attractive to many people ping and latency wise.

            Compared to releases of UT99, UT2k3 and UT2k4 the Online-landscape in the Serverbrowser looks more like a wasteland than a flourishing and thriving meadow. I can recall the release of UT99 when people even had smaller bandwidth connections and many people back then didn´t even have Internet, so there was a much smaller base of clients. But that didn´t stop them to fill up hundreds of servers and play online.

            I don´t see anything like that with UT3 and i wonder where all the people are, that were shouting and motivating, that UT3 will be a huge boost to the community playerwise.


              its gamespy.... and not Icculus or epic


                Originally posted by Antigamespy View Post
                its gamespy.... and not Icculus or epic
                I think you are misinterpreting or mixing up some things here.

                Gamespy doesn´t have anything to do with the coding of anything in UT3. Gamespy is merely the Mediator for making the Serverbrowser of UT3 work.

                In previous Releases of UT3 EPIC hosted their own Master Servers that did the job of registering online games and stats and show them in the server browser of those games. In UT3 this part is taken over by Gamespy. I figure this was done, because EPIC didn´t want to be responsible again for maintaining Servers for this job on their own, so they took the "easy" way and married UT3 to Gamespy. In my opinion this was a very bad idea, but well, that is only my opinion. And i also acknowledge that i am not a very huge fan of gamespy. This marriage of UT3 and the 3rd Party Serverbrowsing implementation complicates things and annoys users by being forced to comply to ridiculous constrictions (Dedicated Servers need Gamespy account, Clients need to play with their Gamespy ID, you even get kicked out of the singleplayer, when you loose connection to your gamespy account, and last but not least some Settings seem to be saved remotely on some Gamespy Server, which opens up the door to really spy and get information about each and everyone who is playing with Gamespy accounts in order to spam their real and functional e-mail accounts that people mindlessly revealed at the registering process with customized advertising. Welcome to the corporate world )

                But the coding of the Linux DS is in fact done by Icculus. You can verify that at


                  no its gamespy iam SURE!

                  check this here :


                    Very interesting, i wasn´t aware of that yet, but if this is true, the Rabbit Hole is even deeper than i thought...



                      my nick for president!