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Problem with UT3 server retail

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    Yeah, I had that problem initially.... Didn't know it actively "Speaks" to the Gamespy server for usernames.....

    If you use the same credentials to run a dedicated server as you do to play on, you'll get disconnected with the Error: Duplicate login detected for same username.....
    Not sure why that is if its just using your name as a reference......??


      Okay - my Windows dedicated (XP) server isn't showing in the internet games list. I know I'm looking with the right filters and everything.

      Here's the command line I'm using to run the server:

      ut3.exe Server CTF-Coret?Game=UTGameContent.UTCTFGame_Content?GameMod e=1?Numplay=10?MaxPlayers=10?NumPublicConnections= 10?NumPrivateConnections=0?MinNetPlayers=1?TimeLim it=20?GoalScore=3?BotSkill=4?bIsDedicated=true?bUs esStats=true?ForceRespawn=0?bShouldAdvertise=true? PureServer=1?bIsLanMatch=false?bAllowJoinInProgres s=true?AdminName=xxxxxx?AdminPassword=xxxxxx?GameP -Password=xxxxx -Log=nerdzserver.log -nohomedir -unattended

      The dedicated server window that pops up says:

      Init: Version: 3487
      Init: Epic Internal: 0
      Init: Compiled: Nov 12 2007 16:14:54
      Init: Command line: CTF-Coret?Game=UTGameContent.UTCTFGame_Content?GameMod e=1?Numplay=10?MaxPlayers=10?NumPublicConnections= 10?NumPrivateConnections=0?MinNetPl
      ayers=1?TimeLimit=20?GoalScore=3?BotSkill=4?bIsDed icated=true?bUsesStats=true?ForceRespawn=0?bShould Advertise=true?PureServer=1?bIsLanMatch=false?bAll owJoinInPr
      ogress=true?AdminName=xxxxx?AdminPassword=xxxx?Gam ePassword=xxxxx -Password=nerdzserver -Log=nerdzserver.log -nohomedir
      Init: Base directory: C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)\Binaries\
      Init: Character set: Unicode
      Log: Executing Class Engine.ServerCommandlet
      Log: Initializing Game Engine...
      Log: GConfig::Find has loaded file: ..\Engine\Localization\int\
      Log: GConfig::Find has loaded file: ..\UTGame\Localization\int\
      Init: UEngine initialized
      Log: Looking for DLC...
      Log: Object size..............: 60
      Log: Actor size...............: 436
      Log: ActorComponent size......: 88
      Log: PrimitiveComponent size..: 448
      Log: Browse: CTF-Coret?Name=Player?team=255?Game=UTGameContent.UTCT FGame_Content?GameMode=1?Numplay=10?MaxPlayers=10? NumPublicConnections=10?NumPrivateConnectio
      ns=0?MinNetPlayers=1?TimeLimit=20?GoalScore=3?BotS kill=4?bIsDedicated=true?bUsesStats=true?ForceResp awn=0?bShouldAdvertise=true?PureServer=1?bIsLanMat ch=false?b
      AllowJoinInProgress=true?AdminName=nerdzadmin?Admi nPassword=nerdz99?GamePassword=nerdzclan
      Log: LoadMap: CTF-Coret?Name=Player?team=255?Game=UTGameContent.UTCT FGame_Content?GameMode=1?Numplay=10?MaxPlayers=10? NumPublicConnections=10?NumPrivateConnecti
      ons=0?MinNetPlayers=1?TimeLimit=20?GoalScore=3?Bot Skill=4?bIsDedicated=true?bUsesStats=true?ForceRes pawn=0?bShouldAdvertise=true?PureServer=1?bIsLanMa tch=false?
      bAllowJoinInProgress=true?AdminName=xxxxx?AdminPas sword=xxxx?GamePassword=xxxxx
      Log: Virtual memory allocation size: 115.85 MByte (121475072 Bytes)
      Log: Physical memory allocation size: 0.00 MByte (0 Bytes)
      Log: GConfig::Find has loaded file: ..\UTGame\Localization\int\
      Log: Game class is 'UTCTFGame_Content'
      Init: WinSock: Socket queue 131072 / 131072
      Log: NetMode is now 1
      Log: Octree Warning (AddPrimitive): StaticMeshComponent_88 (Owner: CTF-Coret.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.StaticMeshActor_598 5) Outside World.
      Log: Octree Warning (AddPrimitive): StaticMeshComponent_89 (Owner: CTF-Coret.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.StaticMeshActor_577 1) Outside World.
      Log: Octree Warning (AddPrimitive): StaticMeshComponent_90 (Owner: CTF-Coret.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.StaticMeshActor_580 0) Outside World.
      Log: Primary PhysX scene will be in software.
      Log: Creating Primary PhysX Scene.
      PerfWarning: InstanceGeom: 22.613972 ms - 1339 Convex, Terrain 0.000000 ms, PerTriSM 11.943687 ms, InitArticulated 0.000000 ms, BodyInst Alloc 18.476360 ms, Ini
      tBody 153.422859 ms
      PerfWarning: NxActor Creation: 112.289399 ms
      Log: Bringing World CTF-Coret.TheWorld up for play (30) at 2008.01.26-22.22.44
      ScriptLog: GamePassword nerdzclan
      ScriptLog: MinNetPlayers: 1
      ScriptLog: -- MAPVOTE has been disabled due to lack of maps!
      Log: Bringing up level for play took: 1.884703
      Log: ########### Finished loading level: 4.130143 seconds
      Init: Game engine initialized
      Log: Initializing Game Engine Completed

      Why isn't this showing in the game list?!?!?!? I have gotten dozen of various game servers running in the past (Linux and Windows) and this server has by far been the biggest pain!

      The server is using a different gamespy account than the account I play under. Oh yeah - and my server sits on the DMZ of the network (allow * from * to go to server).


        FYI - I just verified those random spaces in the start line do not exist in the batch file I use to launch the server.


          Originally posted by WizardSleeve View Post
          FYI - I just verified those random spaces in the start line do not exist in the batch file I use to launch the server.
          as I have told other people...

          Originally posted by kzoink View Post
          ****** Be careful copying this command for some reason it's putting spaces into the command when I copy it into the forum******
          These forums tend to add spaces into long words, not sure why, may be related to a max word size setting or something... but meh.

          Just to check, you can actually access the game via F10 > "Open ip" replacing ip with your actual ip? also make sure that your server has access to port 6500 too for it's game spy login.


            Well, what do you know? I am able to connect to my server via an open ip command. I wonder why it doesn't show on the browser?

            Thanks a ton btw...


              I'm still frustrated by the fact that it doesn't show in the game browser. If I can connect to it via the public IP of the server, I know it's communicating out to the outside world. I expected this was the case anyways since the server sits on my network's DMZ completely exposed to the internet.

              FYI - this is a Windows box I have on my DMZ. For anyone who goes "Pa-shaw! What a fool!" I have a key practice I use on this server to keep it safe in this exposed state.

              I take a play from the Linux playbook. Create a user account to run your server under that has no admin rights. Just make it a simple user (in the User group). Give this account full control rights to all UT folders and bingo! You get a server that runs fine and which isn't sitting exposed and logged in with admin rights.

              That plus an auto-updating antivirus and I haven't had a Windows-related problem yet.

              My one problem seems to be getting my server to show up on the UT server browser. Does anyone know why a server might be accessible from the internet but not show up in the in-game server browser?


                I had the exact same issues with the retail game as a dedicated server. Out of a week of running it, it only showed up in the Master Browser list only once. Then I ran into the issue of custom maps locking XP up when the 1st custom map ended and as it was switching to the next map.

                I finally relented, loaded the free dedicated server, and had no issues! Shows up on the Master Browser immediately and doesn't have an issue with custom maps.

                Looking back, the only thing that I didn't try with the retail install, was starting it from a batch command like the free dedicated server.