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Dedicated Server Information

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    Dedicated Server Information

    Hey guys! We'll be compiling information about how to configure and run the UT3 demo as a dedicated server in this thread.

    We'll continue to add to it as questions come up and get answered.

    Feel free to PM me with requests for information and we'll do our best to get them resolves ASAP.


    Basic Dedicated Server Commands


    UT3Demo server <map name?options?etc> <-login> <-password>

    server: required to start up in dedicated server mode. The first argument after this must be the map name.

    map name: enter the name of the map you'd like to launch on the server (for instance: "UT3Demo server DM-Heatray -login -password" will launch a dedicated server on DM-Heatray with default settings)

    -login= You must indicate a valid GameSpy login to start a dedicated server from the commandline. You can create these in-game under "Create Profile" on the title screen. These options must be the last in the command line, after any ?options.

    -password= The matching password to the login must also be indicated. You can create these in-game under "Create Profile" on the title screen. These options must be the last in the command line, after any ?options.

    ?numplay=x: The number of AI bots you'd like in the game. These bots will quit as human players join the game, and replace them when they quit.

    ?maxplayers=x: The number of human or AI players you want in your game. This is the number that is reflected on the server browser.

    ?timelimit=x: Determines the amount of time that must elapse before the server rotates to the next map. A victory by either team before this time limit is reached will trigger a rotation as well.

    ?goalscore=x: Determines the number of 'scores' required to trigger a server rotation. In CTF this is flag captures. In DM/TDM the number of kills per individual or team.

    ?botskill=x: The skill level of the AI bots. Ranges from 0-7 with 7 being the most difficult.

    ?minnetplayers=x: The minimum number of human players required for a match to start.

    ?game=UTGame.UTTeamGame: Forces a DM map to be a TDM match.

    ?forcerespawn=x: Forces fragged players to instantly respawn. 0 for off, 1 for on.

    ?vsbots=x: Forces all humans to one team and all bots to the other. Additionally it determines whether the bots will outnumber the humans. 1.0 indicates an equal number of AI bots to humans, 1.5 indicates the bots will outnumber the humans by 50%, and 2.0 indicates the bots will outnumber the humans by 100%.

    ?bUsesStats=x: Determines whether the stats acquired on the server will be reported to the leaderboards. True for yes, False for no.

    ?MaxSpectators=x: Determines the number of spectators to allow on your server. Requires the 1.01 UT3 patch.


    ut3demo server DM-Heatray?numplay=8?maxplayers=8?timelimit=20?goalsc ore=40?botskill=3 -login=FakeUser -password=FakePassword

    This configuration would start a DM-Heatray free-for-all with 8 players. There would be 8 bots until players joined at a middle difficulty level. It would show up in the server browser as "FakeUser".


      browser, but noone seems to be able to connect to it.
      That's because your advertising an internal IP address, which is not directly addressable by the outside world. You need to publish the server on an external ip address.


        These commands allow the server operator to manage the server remotely. Once logged into the server, the admin will be able to kick and ban trouble players.

        ?AdminPassword=<password>: Append to the end of the command line argument to start the server.

        Example: ut3demo server DM-Heatray?numplay=8?maxplayers=8?timelimit=20?goalsc ore=40?botskill=3?AdminPassword=FakeAdminPW -login=FakeUser -password=FakePassword

        When a player is logged into the server, they can access Admin commands by bringing down the Console by hitting "~" (tilde) and typing:

        AdminLogin <password>


        AdminLogin FakeAdminPW

        To logout of Admin mode bring down the console and type:

        AdminLogout <password>


        AdminLogout FakeAdminPW

        To kick a player while Admin on server type:

        Adminkick <playername>


        Adminkick WarTourist

        To kick and ban a player while Admin on server type:

        Adminkickban <playername>


        Adminkickban WarTourist

        Removing a restriction on a banned player can be done by modifying the utgame.ini file for the server. This is stored by default in C:\Documents and Settings\<Windows User Name>\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3 Demo\UTGame\Config.

        To change the map the server is playing while Admin type:

        Adminchangemap <mapname>


        Adminchangemap DM-Heatray

        Note that the goal and time limits will persist from the arguments used in the commandline when starting the server. This can lead to problems where a reasonable VCTF score limit of 3 will translate to a frag limit of 3 when when switching gametypes this way. Leaving those limits blank when starting the server will however use the defaults for the gametype. This allows some flexibility in switching gametypes using this command.

        More coming soon.