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Icer - a new gun

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    Icer - a new gun

    Hello. Do not know English, use translator. New weapon - Icer. Scientific development - magnet ice. Shoots ice spears and ice blocks.
    1) Ice spears. Slowly departs from the trunk (depending in the air). Gradually gaining speed. Damage, for example, 80-100. It is hard to get at the enemy, especially on fast combat vehicle. Transforms enemies into ice. Spears remain within the walls (do not interfere with the movement of spears), then melt away. Some time on the ground is thawed water. Average rate.

    2) Ice block. When you click the alternative attack takes time (for example 0,5 sec) - weapons stores by (ice block) and automatically shoots in the direction of sight. Hold button is not necessary. One click on the button alternative attack. Damage from falling for example - 30-80 (a small radius of damage). Knocks down the enemy (in the hoverboard, too). Is a barrier to the enemy and fighting vehicles. Melt with time. One block can attach itself to another block (magnetism), if they fell side by side. Barricade increases.

    If the ice block (cube) defeated Ally - block is melt. If it is defeated enemy - there is an explosion. Cube shatters into many small fragments of ice, inflicting 10-15 damage to every enemy that gets in the blast radius. Blast radius than the radius of the attack Paladin (large radius). Unit inhibits a fighting machine, being attracted (magnet) to combat vehicle. Braking is not static, and physical - blocks hinder travel. When the block is broken, it causes little damage to the combat vehicle. Rate is low.

    Perhaps if the ally broke a cube, then he too will explode. Thank you.

    Hello. Thermal weapon.
    1) Attack of the thermal beam. Velocity beam medium or low. Beam shape is different. As squeezing toothpaste from a tube. If you shoot and rotate the trunk, the beam will cover a large area. The strongest damage - when the beam is fully on target.
    2) Attack of the thermal balloon. The ball flies from shooting forward. Thermal balloon makes patrols. Not destroyed when confronted with a wall. Performs three forward (from the place of fire) and back. When it comes to the center - explodes.
    Attacks constantly, causing minor damage in the radius of the ball. In the collision - a big hit.

    If you shoot the ball beam (as a shock weapon) - thermal balloon will have more space to attack. Patrolling with greater force. Beam rotates around the ball.


      hi, I dont understand what is your goal, are you looking for someone to make those weapons? or those weapons are your work in progress? By the way, if you speak spanish i can help you to translate what you want to say.