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New machines - "Spider" and "Knight".

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    New machines - "Spider" and "Knight".

    Hello! The English language almost do not know, I use google translator, I apologize for illiterate text. I do not know in what section of this topic to write.

    I like to sometimes go to the server and play. Thanks to developers for titanium patch and for the fact that support the game. We would like the developers continue to improve the game, as the new part can appear only after 5 years or later.

    I wish the game were additional machines.

    For example, Spider, and Knight (motorcycle). Among the new machines are needed and new maps, probably.

    I. SPIDER (an alien technology)

    Description: Spider - a ground single small car where the driver sits on top, not in the "sphere", without the protective blue screen. There are 4 Limb (more like a pipe with suction cups, as opposed to the "sphere" is not elegant). Average speed (as in the "sphere" while walking). Bail can not just go. Can not be accelerated. For the driver, the machine gun. Gun looks like a 4 long barrel of a sniper rifle together. Can move along the walls and ceiling. Speed of movement of the tower (the machine gun, the sight) is not instantaneous, with a short delay (but not like a tank ).
    Attack (LMB): machine-gun fire as a sniper. Increase sight impossible. Damage one shot - 50 hp (70 in the regular sniper rifles) the possibility of headshots.

    Rate - 4 times faster than conventional sniper gun (slow heavy machine gun). Next to each bullet remains, as before it was a sniper up patches.
    Alternate Attack: It has in stock 2 spider mines. But not mine, namely spider Throws. 2 spider he has. When spiders 1 / 2 or 0 \ 2 - their number is restored (relatively slowly). Number of spiders shown below as a scientific machine (not mine). Spider Throws immediately with a shot from the direction of sight.
    Jump: Jumping can not, but can sit adhering suction cups to the surface.

    Speed decreases. But can crawl on walls and ceiling. Pressing and "Spider" goes into normal mode.
    Squat: Similarly jump.
    Scrolling: Not used.
    Initial balance (approximately): Spider - for accurate shooting (but without the sight of approximation) for carrying the orb, for shooting from a distance, for ambushes (ceiling \ wall). Almost like a portable turret. In the melee is better to use 2 spider (shoot the enemy as in the movie "Aliens" ). The tower is rotated with a slight delay and the trace of the shots can be seen, making it easy to find ... while the number of rays on a map and a nice effect on a shot from a sniper rifle as they used to be. And ... WANT SNIPER MACHIN GUN.
    HP: 300-400. The driver may be destroyed headshots.

    I. KNIGHT (Human Technology)

    Description: It looks like an armored sport bike. Single. Do not shoot at all. Only confuses enemies. He only melee. Normal speed fast. Maneuverability average. Slightly less "scorpion" in size.
    Attack (LMB): After clicking on the attack from the motorcycle goes red beam, as the peak. Length is almost like an alternate shot at link. But the beam line (like the sword of the "Star wars") and
    much stronger than the link. When the enemy is destroyed - from his skeleton remains, both on the link (now quite rare moment). Middle Ages. Ray keep LKM do not want to appear himself. Pressing cancel it. Beam cuts all - and opponents and the technique and scope. It can rotate up and down the peak and in part by a small angle (to be able to cut energy point).
    Alternate Attack: It replaces the beam on the blue shield (like a paladin). The shield is not as large as a Paladin, but enough to fully protect the motorcycle
    and the driver in front and someone behind. The shield is like a ray hold down is not necessary, in contrast to the "Paladin". The shield is replaced by the beam, but complicates the movement, because prevents the review, although it protects the entire front. As the beam can not rotate a small angle.
    Jump: Nitro (warp), or "shot" - when you jump on a motorcycle in full stops, lifts the rear part (the wheel roars) and gaining energy. Picking up to a maximum quite quickly. If you release the button - will be shot from a "forward on his last point and direction. During nitro wheel locked and does not rotate.

    "Shot" is so strong that the bike is flying distance is very very fast, difficult to evade him.

    "Shot" such that the motorcycle during the shot disappears in half, he was out of time and space. Thus, it goes through all that will be active on the road.

    Destroy everything (enemies, of course) that is in the way of "shooting themselves", as it cuts through the whole way. But it does not pass without a trace - motorcycle depending on the passed purposes receives minor damage, but more damage when he gets hit on the inactive constraint card when "catapulting themselves." As written, at the time of the nitro runs through everything, not reject.

    Beam and a shield. If during nitro motorcycle was included in the shield, then all the damage that it will cause the enemy increased 3 times, but the damage gets normal.

    If the shield is included, then the bike at all during this maneuver does not get damaged, and pounding on the obstacles cards have less damage. Normally, a motorcycle (if the maximum or almost maximum energy typed) be destroyed in a collision with a driver, but with a shield will let a large, but not critical damage. Perhaps the driver will fall to the side, would again have to sit in a motorcycle.

    If nitro is typed, but no longer needed, then just click the "sit down" or just moving forward, and it is canceled.

    Jump out of the car in nitro mode can, as a "scorpion."
    Squat: The headlights light up the rear view. Cancels nitro with the accumulation of power or brake when the use of nitro (if you have time to include braking). If the motorcycle is already in his shot, then, if you have time to press "stop" a motorcycle drastically lose speed (possibly before the wall will stop). At this time ahead will be the effect of energy parachute. But it does take time to click after passage through the enemy and before the collision with the wall or obstacle. If properly slow down, then the damage will be even lower, much lower, or even possible to avoid it.
    Scrolling: not used.
    Initial balance (approximately): Can a shield to defend anything, and beat off the shield from the enemy trying to destroy it with the warp. Can suddenly turn the beam in an arch, or any passage, blocked the path, or to inflict great damage on the enemy. Can shoot from afar is a leviathan or a tank, etc., including the beam and causing much damage. Maybe watch a place with Radimer, bomb or something else, if the enemy wants to take. But we must take into account a small delay in the "shot him.

    Powerless against flying techniques, can win (but difficult) to low-flying techniques. Very vulnerable from behind.

    If this bike was, then the presence of good animation, it would be great.
    HP: 150-250. The driver may be destroyed headshots.

    If possible, I would like to terrible mistakes of the text would be corrected by moderator for the "normal". )))) To make it more understandable.

    Again, I am. I would also like to 2 inforsers were more frequent on the maps in the mode of warfare. For example, when taken armor (any armor and powered armor, too), then automatically provides a shield. This panel is used only with inforser, in the left hand. Semi-transparent. Appears only when inforser. The shield in front, and any damage caused to the front of the shield will be reduced by 50-75% (just ahead). At this time you can shoot only from inforser. Standard terms of weapons on the maps give a little cartridge to inforser.

    I'd like to because of the bonus from the armor on the map was more weapons inforser. And two inforsers in the hands too.

    This may be an element of protection for the person who has orb.

    Pressing on inforser - instead of the shield already 2 inforsers. Pressing returns back.

    And. When feigned death, weapons fell from the hands of a small radius (less than real). From weapon comes to hand wire, which is noticeable up close. There is very rarely pretend, because that is not effective, I think so.


      Sound like cool ideas, but this isn't really the right section to be discussing them in.


        but this isn't really the right section to be discussing them in.
        Discussing in the general chat?


          About the shield and inforser. It would be better if the shield was always with enforcer at startup. Looks like a blue translucent egg, which is a warrior. The damage reduction of 50% from either side. When in respawn with isforser in his hand and taken a standard set of weapons, then there is no automatic transition from inforser to other weapons. Thus from the outset there is an extra protection with a minimum of attack.

          Plus, this switch is possible in the time when the damage can not be avoided, but can survive if put protection. More flexibility, but less attack. When riding on a board with inforser no effect.

          The shield is included with a slight delay in the left hand object - a thin tselindr the button, it gives protection.

          Maybe a moderator will move the topic to the desired section?


            Well, unfortunatly, I think Epic is done with this game. The best you could hope for would be to have a modder work on this. If you'd like to go that route, then post this in the Mod Request / Idea Sharing section. It's kind of hard to find someone willing to do all that work, though, so you may want to look into modding yourself.