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    Educational Category

    Well, I looked at the rules some months ago and thought that it said something along the lines of if you're enrolled in a school or an employee of a school then you can submit into the Educational Category, regardless of if it's a school project or not. Now that Phase 3 is nearing, I looked back at the rules and couldn't find anything on it.

    According to WarTourist, with the old MSU from UT04 the Educational Category functioned as follows,
    "For consideration in this category, the mods do not have to be school projects, but the students or faculty must be presently enrolled or employed by the institution."

    Can anyone tell me if I'm looking at this right, or am I completely wrong? Thanks.

    That quote was from here

    Students/Faculty: Student/faculty Submissions are permitted. Student/Faculty Contestants must designate a "Team Representative" to represent the team for Student/Faculty Submissions. Student/Faculty Contestants must come from enrolled student or faculty member teams of an accredited university, college, community college, or high school ("School"). Entries submitted on behalf of a School shall have authorization from that school to do so, including the school's willingness to accept a prize (should it be selected a prize winner), and its agreement to abide by these official rules.

    The educational category is open to any student or faculty member of any accredited school. This can be a high school, university, community college, etc. You don't have to build the mod on behalf of any official school project or function. You simply have to be an enrolled student or faculty member and submit a mod for the contest and the name of your institution. In order to be eligible in each category, the school will be required to verify your status and indicate that they would accept cash prizes, and allow us to use their name publicly when listing contest winners.

    --Two different excerpts from pages on the MSUC website. Not sure what you're asking so I hope I got what you're talking about.


      Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to know.


        Hey just for a heads up, there is a slightly different quote on the claim form if you win under Educational category.

        I got the claim form for phase 3 and under Student / Faculty submission it states: "...Our Team consists solely of enrolled students and/or faculty members of an accredited university, college, community college, or high school ("School"). Attached is the authorization from that School authorizing me to act as Team Representative, including the school's willingness to accept a prize (should it be selected a prize winner), and its agreement to abide by these Official Rules...."

        So, just in case - it seems like the whole team must be students or faculty, not just one member. But there has been other inconsistencies so who knows...

        Hope this helps.


          oh, well. We'll see what happens. It wont matter either way if I don't win.


            It would be kinda hard to tell either way!


              Curious about the Details: Educational Category

              Hello Everyone!

              I'm not sure if anyone else has been wondering as I have, but the rules on the Educational Category (Ed. Cat.) seem a little ambiguous. I see that on the breakdown page for the places, phase deadlines and cash prizes ( - that Ed. Cat. is only introduced in phase 4 for the first time, and there is no cash prizes awarded. I am assuming that this means phase 4 Ed. Cat. is only used to determine which ones move into the grand finals for the Ed. Cat.? Or perhaps there are hardware prizes awarded to the school that round? Either way, my main question is: If a submission is entered through the Ed. Cat. In phase 4, does that disqualify that submission for the Best Game Mod category in phase 5 (assuming that mod is chosen to compete in phase 5) or is it (as I would assume) just an additional category that the submission is eligible for since that entry happens to have been created by students?

              If anyone can cue me in as to how this works so I could get a better understanding it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


                Hi guys, entering the educational category does not affect how your mod is judged in other categories. It only helps you win more prizes.

                Sorry about the discrepancy on the claim form - I'll see if we can get the word "solely" removed for Phase 4 documentation.

                We have not yet awarded any educational cash prizes, but the gist of it is that the person on your team claiming the prize should be a student or faculty member of a school, and your school should be willing to accept a cash prize for your mod.

                We have notified finalists who are being considered for eligibility in the grand finals, but these notifications do not apply to the educational category. For this, we are reviewing mods submitted before or on the Phase 4 deadline.

                Thanks again everyone, and if you have questions please PM me directly.