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Make Something Unreal Phase 4 Submission Open

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    Good Luck to all in the Phase 4


      do you know when finalist will be anounced?


        When Epic starts caring about this contest? ...


          Uh... they played and judged probably over 1000 mods at this point... they care.


            Then why are we being informed so little about it on the forums?

            It's like silence... then a post for submission opening, again silence... then maybe a post that submissions have closed. Then a long string of silence... and a few months later a thread about the winners appears.

            I absolutely undeniably indisputably appreciate Epic for this Make Something Unreal Contest but I can't help but feel the feedback is a little careless.


              There are a couple of conventions this month and i would guess P4 winners will be announced at one of them.

              What's wrong with just posting the major events in the contest ?
              The only thing i'am missing is a bit of feedback on the winners. But that will hopefully happen for the grand finals.


                Hi everyone, email notifications to all the finalists have been distributed.

                If your team leader did NOT receive an email, please PM me and we'll make sure your team is provided ftp instructions for the next deadline.

                Thanks to everyone who entered!


                  Originally posted by FPgundam View Post
                  The Intel Make Something Unreal site is now accepting Phase 4 entries. Phase 4 is the final public round of the contest and will prove to be exciting. New mods using the Unreal Engine will entering the contest and be playable for the first time. Epic Games will pick the final contestants for best mod and they will compete for the $ 1 milllion dollar prize and contract with Epic Games.

                  The submissions system has been upgraded and uploaded speeds have improved for Phase 4. Phase 4 also opened a few day early to allow users to submit entries this weekend.

                  Such a very amazing link!
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