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Talus Resubmit

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    Talus Resubmit

    Hey guys I noticed some bugs with the mod "Talus" and I resubmitted it at about 6am using the MSUC page. I now have two URLs to fileplanet.. one for the new submission and one for the old submission that now has the green text verifying that it got into the contest.

    Heh, I'm actually going to update the README and submit it for my third and final time right now.

    I'm just curious, but are all my submissions going to be up on file planet or will the old submission be deleted?


    Just wanted to update this in case anyone else was having this question.

    The last couple of days when I search file planet for "talus" it would give me three search results. Today I searched and it only gives me one.

    Thanks to whoever cleaned that up. =]