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Question reguarding Best Character Category

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    Question reguarding Best Character Category

    I have a character I want to use for Best Character Category Phase 3 and Best Non FPS Phase 4.

    I have a custom skeleton with 1 idle I would like to use but I was wondering if I HAVE to attach him to a UT3 Skeleton so he has all the playable animations.

    I have time to rig him to a UT skeleton but I would rather be able to submit him with the custom rig and idle because he has a tail, inverted legs, and a different posture than the closest UT 3 Skeleton. For Phase 4 I am going to give him a unique animation set but not FPS animations. I going for hand to hand combat.

    I have limited time, Id like to get him in on time and qualify for consideration.

    Thanks!!! (panic!)

    Another 2 questions:

    Does the model have to include the team colors functionality?
    Do we have to inldude the 'first person shooter' arms set up?


      uhh look n DL the char: Faraleth

      it uses the Krall animations but has an animated tail, the same way bane has muscle animations but still has the IG anims (I think)

      Anyway, im trying to rig up my model and it seems that I have to re-design everything but the head to get him on the krall rig rite. Make sure the lower torso doesnt have to much detail or it will get wierd in the swim anims.

      One day we'll all be making custom animations but I believe you would just replace the idle animation for a tail am I wrong?