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    Copyright question

    I plan on using materials that contain images that were downloaded off
    I emailed a few weeks back to notify them that I'm using some of their images in my maps, that will be entered into the MSUC, and requested a reply if there were any issues doing this. I also advised them that they will be credited in the readme file included with the map.

    So far I haven't recieved a response so it appears there's no issue on their end.

    Would I be correct that I can enter my maps, containing these images, and not have any concern that my maps will be disqualified due to copyright concerns?

    Thanx for any help!

    All NASA images are public domain:


      Thanx Angel!


        Expect a hubble material pack to go 'officially public' after my maps have entered the MSUC. The first pack contains about 6-8 galaxy and nebula pics with instructions to create the materials. Second pack has a few more (if I can get them looking right...)

        Bl!tz's {BFG}Morpheus map already contains a few of them!

        ...those who search enough should be able to find the link if they really want them now....