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uploaded map isnt there

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    uploaded map isnt there

    hi all,

    i upload my map called vCTF-Blackbriar, but i cant find the entry on the MSUC homepage, furthermore not on fileplanet.

    whats happend?

    It can take a while to show up there.


      Hm, but its kinda disturbing, not seeing your work being displayed on the MSUC page. I got confimation that my Entry was accepted on FP, but it doesnt show up although I uploaded it on April 29th. Dont wont to not participate just because there is a stupid mistake in the upload pipeline Oo

      Would be nice if someone from Epic could solve this


        If it's May 21th I'd start worrying and I'm not joking.

        If you got a nice fancy email with a link to the file you guys are set. We got your contest info and you can use that link.

        If you get a second plain text email saying it got approved and the file on FilePlanet now has green font saying it is a Phase 3 entry then it got approved on FilePlanet and I collected your contest info. It should be on MSU site soon.


          I have uploaded 3 maps so far:

          War-Subway I submitted on 5/5/09
          VCTF-Skyscraper-NightFire - 5/10/09
          VCTF-Plateau - 5/10/09

          Now I figure the ones I submited yesterday will take a while, but Subway still isn't up and the link I got for fileplanet doesn't have the Green Text for the MSUC Phase 3 either.

          *Edit* Subway now has the green text on it on fileplanet YAY! *Edit*


            Yeah, if you got a confirmation email, you're totally fine. They put the entries up by the bulk if you haven't noticed. (As in, there might be the same ten entries for a couple of days and then all of a sudden another 20 appear the next day.)