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    I like SpamBox a lot, but it doesn't have any qualities other than the fun mayhem, and thus didn't deserve a high placing in my opinion.

    Originally posted by Oliebol View Post
    I don't think they tested it that much on gameplay.

    Only map in the finals with good gameplay is valley (maybe still the reason for nr1?)
    I think all of the top three WAR maps have good gameplay. MoltenCore is fantastic, but the huge size means it only works with 20+ players. Beachfront is very tactical, with multiple opportunities to cut off the enemy line, and it forces you to think carefully about which node to attack or you end up getting cut off. This does mean that it only works if all the players are familiar with the map though. Valley offers my least favourite gameplay, but it's the easiest to grasp.


      Few of the former MCSU winners were great gameplay maps either. It's all about visuals it seems.


        Moltencore doesn't have good gameplay, but the looks are very good :P


          Spambox is what it is though, a bit of sillyness that happens to be a lot of fun so I can see why it never made the finals


            Creativity, Visuals, Innovation, Fun, Quality, Polish and Gameplay.

            Well Creativity, Innovation, fun and gameplay should score very highly.


              Originally posted by ambershee View Post
              any genius (accidental or intentional) that went into it's original design was the work of the original author.

              Yeah, hi.

              If this map would have won I would be very ****** off! Heh.