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executing game/update ini's

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    You can move the 'Documents and Settings' folder in Windows. The same holds for all Windows folders (Windows / System32 / My Documents / ...)


      Indeed, but why would you bother in the first place? What's so hot about myDocs that it warrants it?

      Let's assume for the moment that myDocs has some magical property that no other folder within windows is possessed of, in that case, why go to the bother of even creating a UT3 folder?

      Why not stick the entire game's files & folders into myDocs/myGames (a subfolder created by UT3 anyway), if it's that special?

      And if that sounds silly, because there *is* nothing special about myDocs, then why aren't the .inis stored in the game's folders, where they can be accessed without hunting for ages, can be backed up with the rest of your game files (maps, mods, etc..), and where they're not in danger of being lost during your periodical windows-nukes or windows borks?

      And surely, saying "move myDocs to a different drive" negates the very purpose of myDocs, I mean, if you're gonna move the folder anyway, why not just let you pick any folder to house the inis?
      Why not let you pick, oh, I dunno for the sake of argument, your UT3/System folder?

      I just don't see why on earth anyone other than a politician would try to make life more complex than it already is.


        I posted a possible work a round here.

        My thought is it's a time change issue with the servers. Some may still be running the old time change code w/o the update from MS from last year. When the game trys to sync with the server copy this happens. I did not get this message.

        This is just my best guess. If it were a "REAL" update there would be an announcement
        here and a more formal update/install program you would have to run.

        Who knows?

        Back up your .ini files and if they change for any reason use the backups.


          lol BigJim.. maybe go complain to M$ instead of here. The whole design of the "Documents and Settings" folder is for user profiles for multiple users on the same Windows PC to have their own location for their own files. This is similar to the old way windows 2000 and NT did it with the C:\Windows\Profiles directory, they just moved it up closer to the root level so that they could add the My Docs directory... at some point they all thought it would be good to keep configuration stuff there... I am not a fan of it either.. but "YOU WILL CONFORM AND BE ASSIMILATED"


            Argh, here we go.

            Quick experiment, it's time for an XP re-installation so I'm gonna see if anything weird/strange/dangerous happens when I try to restore my backup.

            Gonna start off by copying the entire bunch of .ini files & just plop them back into myDocs once XP is back up & running, I can't remember exactly what I picked for my UT3 account password, so this better work!