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Game won't work tried all fixes and everything is uptodate.

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    Game won't work tried all fixes and everything is uptodate.

    amd athlon(tm) 64 x 2 dual core processor 4600+ 2,41 ghz tried the fix. and 100% updated.

    1 gb ram

    NX8600GT MSI supports direct x 10 fully updated software

    using windows xp sp 2

    installed the patch also doesn't work tried reinstall of the game doesn't work

    so this happens when you start the game the cursor turns into loading then after the mouse appears normal no error and no game appears but ut3 demo is in the process bar but the game won't run.

    what could by this issue please some expert look into this my pc is good enough to run UT 3

    I also tried the changing true to false and I downloaded UT 3 from gamershell.

    everything you have is supported so my guess would be reinstall the game. and you have updated drivers for your card? maybe redownloading it? the file might have corrupted somehow or something thats all I can think of. hope it helps!


      I already reinstalled most stuff I want a expert to look if there is something in the game or in my computer that keeps my from running it also a antivirus is not on so that can't by it.




          try making a new admin windows account and installing the game in there - I remember some in the 2K forums and this one got the game to work by doing this. If you have tried everything else may as give it a go.

          Codec packs and other 3rd party apps can cause odd behavior like this also... so if you have any codec packs remove them.

          Also avoid 3rd party fiddled with drivers, so make sure you get them from nvidia website itself (if you didnt already).


            Won't work either I also tried to set so meny progs off what I could still no effect....



              This is how I got it to work..

              my account is "darkmantis" (administrator).

              I have admin rights and no policies are enforced.

              The only way I can get my game to work, and it does exactly what this guys does as well, the busy pointer then disappears.

              Right click on the icon and select advanced. Click on "Run in seperate space.. acc#" . When you click on the demo icon, A window will a appear. At the 2nd prompt, select "Administrator" and enter your password.

              Wah-la.. it works!

              My question has been, "how do you avoid this window?" I have changed rights on the program itself to allow anyone to use it, etc, and I cannot get it to work unless I do this. If I install it on Vista, no just fine..

              As a matter of fact..

              Bioshock, another UT3 game, wouldn't work in XP either unless I did the same thing or ran it on Vista...

              I need a fix and yes, I can run it under admin account, but I don't want to switch everytime I want to play, thus, not playing it in vista on a dual boot system. I need a fix...where's my Window's pro's when I need them!.

              Oh I forgot:

              If I click on "Run with Different Credentials" - I can select a different user where you would normally enter in Administrator / password, I can select "darkmantis" and enter my password and it will run but using different INI settings.

              UT will run, but I have to enter a user/password on the icon in doing so, and yet I have a password set already on my windows login. I have reinstalled and deleted all entries out of the registry as well.



                I tried around but its not working for my sorry.... epic this game needs a fix please release 1 this issue will surely have 1000's of pcs maby more....


                  I"d recommend 2G of RAM


                    There is nothing comfirming that if thats the problem I get no error and it only uses 15 mb of ram then it doesn't go up or down.


                      did you try what I told you to do? this is the only way I could get it to work and it did exactly what you're describing to me..


                        I am having the same problem. So if anyone works out the solution.. PLEASE let me know, I am dying to play the beta


                          look if the admin and other account stuff doesn't work then i don't know at all what I know there is something not letting it my run and that could by easy fixed only we don't know how.... so I hope epic got a idea on this issue then... its not only my having this.


                            all i am saying is mine did exactly what yours is doing, except when I click on the icon, i have to go into that icon's advance properties and select "Run with different credentials" and then I have an option to run it as Administrator or as my admin darkmantis name. It works either way, but the trick is that you have to enter your system password! It's weird, but that's the only way it will play in xp on my system. And I'm not talking about switching out of xp and entering your password, i'm talking about entering your admin/password when you click on the program when you attempt to run it! it's weird..bioshock forced me to do this as well...i wish someone knew of a way to fix it..otherwise, i'll just play it in problems there!


                              so far I know I did that or show it in screenshots please if i really did it wrong... because I tried almost everyway with admin and the thing you said...
                              and using a dutch version off xp but still if i,m right I did ur steps please show it and EPIC fix this. thank you

                              btw my msn is so people can contact my if they have a idea to help my and epic if this is a bug.