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Xyx's lengthy vehicle feedback

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    As usual, excellent analysis.

    Overall, I believe the fast vehicles completely overshadow foot-soldiers. Nothing ****** me off more than spawning, only to be run over by some Manta, Scavenger, or Viper the instant I leave a building.

    To that effect, I'm going to start writing mutators that will "KO" players for a while (and do considerable damage) instead of outright RoadKill.

    I'd also like to see an overall damage reduction in the game, and will write mutators accordingly. Berserk + Manta = Ridiculous.

    When? Hahahah. Probably not too soon. But eventually.


      youve read this to then addict, this is great feedback.

      Alot of the idea you mentioned here im gonna add to my new Uber Vehicles Mod


        I'm currently re-vamping all the UT3 vehicles. We're testing them on Hedsteem's VCTF server. So far I've improved the following:

        Cicada: Now the Vulture. It lives up to its name. If you see it over head, you know you're dead. All new sounds. Has the Phoenix "scream" for a horn.

        Hellbender: Now the Hammerhead. Still tweaking the rear turret weapon but its way more useful than the stock Hellbender especially against air vehicles. All new sounds. Plays the Jaws theme music for a horn.

        Scorpion: Now the Mauler. If you take it on while on foot you'll look like you've been mauled by a grizzly bear. No more "cricket ball launcher", instead I've given it something useful. I beefed up the booster's flame emitters so they actually look like they're doing something. All new sounds. Plays a monster roar for a horn. (same as the UT2004 Mirage Scorpion II)

        Manta: Now the MantaRay. No more spam plasma guns. Now you actually have to aim to kill someone. Plays 3 random Dave Chappell "I'm Rick James *****!" sounds for the horn.

        Raptor: Now the Raptor II. (will re-name later on) Still developing. No custom horn yet but changed the primary fire to something that you actually have to hit do do damage with. No more splash damage plasma spam weapon.

        I'll probably tackle the Paladin next and fix its wimpy projectile to something more meanacing. I plan on making the projectile at least twice as big, & explode into a big shock combo with a larger damage radius.

        As far as the weapons go I've got a few on Hedsteem now that we're testing.
        I've started making the Enhanced Weapons for UT3 but instead of just enhancing the visual effects I'm improving on the weapons themselves. All weapons have new sounds.

        Redeemer: Whats with the 2004 sounds? It doesnt even sound like an explosion! The Enhanced Redeemer flies twice as fast, does 1450 damage (stock is 200 and its supposed to be a nuke?), has twice the damage radius, and makes a huge mushroom cloud! It litterally obliterates half of VCTF-Feelgood!

        Enforcer: The stock ones were ok but really inaccurate at longer range. I made them slightly more accurate. I decreased the damage by 5 points and increased the fire rate considerably. Dual weilding the Enhanced Enforcer is pure ownage!

        Avril: The stock Avril can take out a Manta and Viper with just one hit? LAME! No weapon in the game other than the super weapons should be able to kill any vehicle with one hit. The Enhanced EMP Avril is truly a masterpiece. It works with the variable damage points of the vehicles. If you hit the heavily armored parts of the vehicles it explodes and does damage, but if you target the "soft spots" it will shut the vehicle down and eject the driver. Great for those base spamming Raptors hovering over your base!

        RocketLauncher: Pretty much the same for stock with the exception of the effects and the grenade alt fire. The Enhanced RocketLauncher's grenades explode into flak chunks. Great against enemy vehicles.

        FlakCannon: Stock is the same old same old. The Enhanced Flak Cannon fires red hot shards that pin enemies to walls. The primary projectiles dont bounce and the alt fire is same as stock.

        Sniper Rifle: Stock is the same old thing again! The Enhanced E.H.S.P.R. (Electro-Magnetic Hyper-Sonic Solid Projectile Rifle) fires a hyper sonic solid projectile that sends the bodies of your victims flying! New tracer effect and sounds.

        Come check out Hedsteem VCTF from time to time and see whats new. I'll be constantly adding new weapons, vehicles, & maps to the server.


          awesome ideas rumple, i love the new ideas for the scorp or "mauler" lol


            Go test them on Hedsteem's VCTF server and tell me what you think.


              Bump for future reference...


                "fast vehicles completely overshadow foot-soldiers"

                I'm now getting to the point where I can sidestep mantas and keep them at bay with a shock and or stinger, as long as they aren't flying at me at 70mph, and that I'm not in open country, so that I can hide behind pillars e.g. the torlan base, and as long as I'm not playing somebody expert.

                Spawn, teleport, grab avril, teleport, play is my anti manta mantra.


                  If you play on Hedsteem's VCTF or Warfare server, my Enhanced Flak Cannon which shoots 9 modded stinger shards will keep any air vehicle at bay.