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Thankyou Epic :D

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    Thankyou Epic :D

    Epic, i think on behalf of myself and everybody who hasnt spent an hour whinging on the forums about nothing, i would like to thank you.
    I have the enitire Unreal set now (excpet for Unreal Championships 1 and 2), and i think UT 3 is the best! Its also the best demo i have ever played, as limited as it may be...

    The Gameplay

    The vCTF map included was really good fun. The incorporation of the hoverboard, sniper trail, new bot taunts / aknoledgements, and all that other extra stuff really made UT 3, well UT 3! They extra elements are helpful in many ways, and im sure we all enjoyed them. Also, as you guys from Epic have said yourself, you felt heavy in a good way. It felet realistic. The weapons actually did REALISTIC damage, (ie: a close range shot from the rocket launcher ripped you to shreds, unlike 2004 where it took 2 or 3 close range).

    The Graphics / Performance

    Yes, the graphics! i was amazed it even ran on my 7600gt, but the graphic quality was incredible! the underwater effect was nice and real, and going slower in water. I think this will encourage people not to swim too often.... The static meshes were really deatailed, and the textures looked awsome.

    The Restricted

    It was kinda sad it onky came with 3 maps, one or 2 skins, and no ability to record your matches, but so what? its a demo, what do we expect? i will definatly buy the full game.

    The Bad

    The only thing i really found bad was the inability to see who is on what server. Otherwise, i really enjoyed it.

    Once again, you have developed a work of art Epic, so i say on behalf of us all a big Thanks!

    Internet gaming 2.0 coming to us in November.




        I would have said something more imaginative but I can;t think of anything I haven't said already.