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Lets hear the GOOD things about the game

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    Lets hear the GOOD things about the game

    There has been so much critism thats come from the demo, and i think so much of it has been unjust because for me, i have nothing but high praises for UT3 so far. It installed right off the bat, just wonderfully, played good, gameplay ran fine, no problems running the game at all, and if i told myself that i'd be playing it without lag from my rig a yr ago i woulda laughed my *** off in disbelief!

    So, i thought making a threat here about all things that you "LIKE/LOVE" about the game so far would be an excellent way to kick off the release of the demo. I for one like the UI, its different and it needed to be, the gameplay is excellent, the gfx are good, to me its very hard to find something i dont like to be honnest. I been playing Ut since the very first one, i played all the unreals, and this is definately a brilliant UT in all sense of the word. The weapons are just stunning, absolutely gorgous!!!

    Think one of my fav things in UT3 so far has gotta be the announcers... tripple headshot i just did on CTF online was bloody hillarious and echoed thru my house!!!

    Just post the stuff you like about it, even if its only one thing.... show some love peeps

    Most people i know are screaming praise about it.

    It's so great. Once the bugs are fixed, server browser improved, and for the love of god death messages added, it'll be GOTY for sure.

    This game really has no competition. IT offers something no other game does: Classic hardcore gaming awesomeness.

    It's the game I've been waiting for since ut2k3/4 disapointed me. :P

    I was a huge ut99 fan. Played thousands of hours of it. UT2003 came out, I bought it right away, played it, and was just "meh..". It didn't feel right, at all. UT3 feels right. Plus the weapon balance is pretty fantastic, which is my only complaint about ut99.


      Well because the movement is quite different from UT2004..ppl will have to get used to this first.. I'm sure that whenever they got used to it they start to look at the good things about UT3...Movement indeed seems slow, but in gametypes like Warfare and VCTF where you have the hoverboard, it's actually quite fast. I've fooled around with teh new hoverboard yesterday and it's just a matter of a mouseclick to get yourself on and of the hoverboard (no real delay) and that makes the gameplay very fast..Also tried some nice tricks yesterday and already managed to make a turnaround....not sure if a looping is possible.


        It runs on my system! Course its low res and 800x600 but I can live with that until I get my new box built.

        Totally enjoy the movement. I hear people complaining about the movement but I dont feel hampered at all. I still find myself dodge/jumping but I will stop doing that eventually.

        I have never been very good at driving vehicles but maybe its the excitement of it or something but the vehicles feel smoother and easier to drive in UT3. Maybe its just my imagination.

        Love the hammer. Wish it looked as foreboding as the original UT hammer but its okay. Kinda looks like the flak a little bit so I get confused wondering why I'm not firing shards at

        Flak seems uber strong and goo seems as strong as ever. One plop of secondary and guys are toast.

        Good stuff.


          +It runs WAY more smooth and stable than I had expected.
          +Though low-res textures, the effects in the game are absolutely spectacular.
          +The weapon-balance seems better than UT99 and UT2004's.
          +FINALLY an award announcement for 15 goo kills.
          +And for most, if not all, other weapons too.
          +Sweet, Glorious, GORE.
          +The FEEL is absolutely consistent with previous UT games, and right in between UT99 and UT2004.
          +Vehicles handle a LOT better than in UT2004, where they were often quite unwieldy.
          +Spectacular physics.
          +You can gib bodies after they die ! Weeeeee !
          +Damage effects on vehicles is spectacular.
          +Sweet weapon animations.
          +Skins are visible enough, I like how they did the thing with range / glow.

          -No deathmessages to tell you who killed who by what method
          -Settings don't keep

          In fact, the most dramatic negative I can think of is: Knowing that there is a truckload of more content out there, and I do not have it yet.

          Thank you, Epic, for making this.



            It runs a LOT faster than I thought it would. After playing Rainbow 6 Vegas and Roboblitz (both UE3) I was expecting to struggle with framerate, but instead I'm running at 50 fps on Max settings, at 1024x768 (which isn't uber-resolution, but PLENTY good).

            The art style is very good, although I will admit that certain rooms/areas that you'll find in the maps look VERY similar to UT2004, and fairly flat in that regard. This is not a predominant thing, though. The visuals are great in most areas.

            The weapon effects (such as when shooting a surface) are far better than UT2004. (very similar to Gears of War)

            The Enforcer is back. (I personally won't be missing the Assault Rifle in the slightest)

            The Darkwalker is fun to drive and burn people with.

            The Hoverboard is fun, and prevents the need to "hoof it" across large maps (usually only to die and have to do it all over again).

            The game feels more gritty than UT2004, which felt more "sporty" and light/clean in comparison. The atmosphere and mood is heavier.

            The gore looks pretty good (wayyy better than UT2003/4 at least), and you can detonate corpses finally. [happy]


            Still the same weapons and gameplay formula that UT has had nearly since the beginning. I'm personally (just me talking) getting really tired of the UT weapons. As an example, I find Gears of War weapons a breath of fresh air in comparison. Solid and fairly unique.

            The menus are... not fun to navigate through. If you want to change settings in-game, you have to hit Escape, go to Settings, go to Advanced, Choose Video, and choose Advanced again... then to get back to the game, you have to hit Esc about 4-5 times. It feels consolized, and like there are layers and layers of "pages" to progress through in order to get to where you want, ala many multiplayer console games. After playing Half-Life 2, it's difficult to appreciate this type of interface in a PC game at all.

            The ragdoll physics are iffy and often don't look all that great. Body-parts often flicker and bobble around, cutting through each other repeatedly, and often misbehave. Gears of War seemed to handle this a lot better for some reason. Maybe it's the fact that you couldn't launch a ragdoll 50 ft, forcing the ragdolls to show their worst.

            If you ignore the graphics and shock of playing a new UT game, it feels almost exactly like playing UT2004... like a bonus pack or something. If you blur your eyes or turn down the graphics settings [like this guy did in this screenshot] it practically IS UT2004.


              Installed Perfect, I played around with the settings until I got a comfortable setting. Then played and had fun. Im gonna need a new graphics card and maybe an oc on teh cpu.


                + Duel and deathmatch modes fun
                + Bots better than ut2004bots


                  Just loving it, the athmosphere (yes, an online shooter with some athmosphere, woo), the sound, the graphics, the movement changes compared to Ut2k4, the weapons, everything.
                  Never wouldve thought that I could run it smooth with average - high graphic settings on my PC, insane job Epic programmers!


                    The look of the game
                    AI (doesn't instantly detect you, like a human wouldn't)
                    Weapons and vehicles
                    Voice acting, even the f-yeah
                    And much more


                      • The weapons are excellent, maybe everything's a bit too powerful, but at least it's balanced.
                      • The hoverboard rules. So much fun!
                      • The action is tight and intense.
                      • It feels like UT
                      • Excellent sound and visuals
                      • The way the bots talk, it's just awesome. I love a bit more personal chatter, but this is still really cool.


                        Except for server browser its very good technically, the levels are good looking and fun to play, can't wait for the full game.


                          THANK YOU EPIC!!! everything runs good, feels right, look beautiful!!! i love it!!!!


                            Well the splash screen looks good ... i guess >_>


                              +So far only played a game of duel... the AI seemed quite intelligent to me (tho i do suck) and he lured me out of a hiding spot, sniped me with a shock rifle while hiding behind a pile of garbage. Overall he seemed to know his target and how to take cover, as opposed to the running side to side that they used to do.
                              +I agree with the "darker/heavier" feel than UT2004 had...I like that!
                              +The menus, although they go a little too deep, are very smooth and more-or-less intuitive. And they are very responsive and work with mouse wheel so thats good.

                              -I notice when I shoot the wall up close with a flak cannon or some other guns, the wall itself does this twisty effect, which I'm told is "heat haze" but that its not very smooth... so it then snaps back into place... seems odd like something out of the Matrix. Guns don't make walls change their shape then snap back. I think it was done to enhance the effect but its just odd.
                              -DarkWalker seems a bit overpowered. Should be a bit slower to turn its head maybe... or at least give less damage with its firing beam. Can you step on people with it?
                              -Falling down/Feign.... the first 3 times i did it on accident. I didnt understand what was happening.. it looked like something fell down in front of my player and I could't move... then I realized that it was me that fell down in front of me... but your FOV stays the same.. you still look forward while your pawn is laying face down... I think the camera should follow the face. That's the price you pay to fake death, you can't be looking around. Maybe if u fall you can see to one side only implying that you fell with your face looking out. But it should take proper orientation like sideways view.
                              -Settings don't save... which is funny since it says some settings require a restart.
                              -No native joypad enable in the menus