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    Beta Bug

    Not sure if this has been addressed, but...
    using the latest nVidia drivers, the 8800GTX runs max settings @ 1920x1200 and so on just peachy like... until you enable SLI.
    single GPU I hit my 60fps limit (vsync) with the same settings as SLI, but SLI runs at 16-20fps. The reason I say single gpu is because that allows me to still run 8x+8x mode (pci-e) so it is not that.

    No, its not a power consumption or heat issue.

    Tried in XP (pro x86) and Vista (ultimate x64) with the same results.

    2gb ram 667 (replacing soon w/ 1066 :-D)
    570sli chipset mobo (replacing soon w/ 680i :-D)
    dual 8800GTX (evga) SLI
    850W PSU
    E6600 C2D
    all @ stock clocks for now.

    Bots are annoyingly smart too XD no such thing as a sneak attack with one of them floating around!
    I won't comment on graphical aspects of the game until I've seen the full release, but is the 8800's physics utilized?
    Also, gameplay is absolutely perfected! I LOVE IT! no more duckhunt style ut2k4 and no more superbright flashiness that makes my eyes bleed (unless on vivid... then it looks like ut2k4 again, but at least its by choice!) Ignore anyone complaining about gameplay, its flawless!