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Thoughts on the Demo and game?

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    Thoughts on the Demo and game?

    Alright, i've seen several discussions about specific problems/complaints about the game. But I want to know how ppl in general feel about this demo as I'm still downloading it and have doubts it will actually play on my comp. So please post what you think about it as I'm very interested by wht ppl think about it.

    Disclaimer: For any who read this, remember the only opinion tht should really matter to you is your own.

    the terrible menus bring it down to a 4


      Originally posted by dethmanrulz View Post
      the terrible menus bring it down to a 4
      Speak for yourself i think the game is good.


        I like the menus graphically, they are just a bit consolised but I think they look nice and fresh

        VERT- in widescreen is the only reason I mark it down to a 4. Played great though.


          Voted 3 because of the movement and the online searcher stuff, those are 2 points -


            I gave it a 4, because I haven't played Warfare yet. Maybe that will make it a 5.


              I rated it a 5, more than I expected for the game . sure it needs some improvements in different areas but overall it is a great game just needs more maps lol.


                It's too bad you didn't set a time limit on this poll. It'd be interesting to ask the same question again after each patch (assuming that there will be one or more).

                I need to get comfortable with the movement before I can really get into it.


                  I wouldn't give this beta demo a 5 for a few reasons, 1.) It isn't the full game, 2.) It is in fact, a beta demo, 3.) I was getting 8-25 FPS (I need a new computer) 4.) Menu's were terrible. 5.) The movement could be better. I gave it a 1 just because it doesn't feel right the way I am playing it and what I am playing it on, just my interpretation.


                    Originally posted by Mort_Q View Post
                    It's too bad you didn't set a time limit on this poll. It'd be interesting to ask the same question again after each patch (assuming that there will be one or more).
                    Arg, I didnt think of the patches before posting this. It also would have been able to show how the interest in the game would change as ppl got more comfortable with the controls.


                      Just installed and played CTF, I give it a 3 so far...

                      I think the graphics actually look worse?! is that even possible?

                      movement is very slow...felt like it just took a step back...I thought I wouldn't miss double jumps that much but I was wrong. movement felt more like a 1st generation engine than 3rd. everything should be faster, more precise...

                      I like the new manta, moves better for me

                      I hate the new raptor...especially the way it looks. older one looked sharper.

                      don't like the new tank either, feels too wimpy. I like the UT2k4 tank better, when you shoot, you feel the power.

                      don't like the new shock rifle. feels more like UT99, but the combo explosion graphics look like it was created in 99 also :P

                      LOVE the new mini, but a bit wimpy?

                      hate that it blacks out my second monitor, I had the task manager running and I couldn't tell how much memory the demo was eating up.

                      dunno about the profile thing, but I can't create it?

                      don't like the fact that it takes forever to change resolution from 800x600 to 1920x1200...and once it did, only had 2 seconds to respond ok?!

                      game runs smoothly on my machine: 1920x1200x32 with everything high @ 60fps (capped?)

                      A64X2 3800+
                      2GB ram
                      XP 32bit SP2
                      24in LCD @ 1920x1200

                      I'm glad that my machine runs the demo, but how well will it run the real game?

                      have not tried online because I couldn't create a profile, but is there a warefare map in the demo?


                        lol i would like to see the poll but i cant vote cus i haven't played it :|


                          My initial reaction with a small amount of playing time: It's... good.

                          I thought that the movement and game speed were very good, and had a natural feel that made it easy to adjust to.

                          Guns also were good for the most part... I love the shock, and HATE the sniper (WAY too much like the 2k4 sniper... I really hope that something changes on that one before the release). All other weapons are good.

                          The overall "feel" of the game was (for lack of a better term) dark and blurry... Didn't have that crisp feel that I get with other UT games. Difficult to describe, but again... need to play more.

                          I know it's been addressed but the server browser: LOL.

                          Overall, a good beta release... and definitely shows promise; although I don't think that it is a finished product quite yet.


                            The gameplay is great, sadly I am riddled with bugs (crashes to desktop, crashes to "Send Error Report", crash to nothing so restart).

                            I think it might effect single core CPU's more... just an uneducated guess...

                            Does Epic get to hear about feedback sent through the Windows Error Report thing?


                              I have to give it a 3 simply because of the level of bugginess and non-optimalness. I rate it this knowing it's a beta, if this was the final game I'd give it a 1.