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    UT3 detects your computer's hardware and very aggressively configures the game for performance.

    If you're experiencing blurry graphics, lots of jagged edges, and your system meets or exceeds our recommended system specs, it's possible this automatic configuration is the culprit.

    You can override these detected settings by going to the Advanced Video options in the UT3 demo. You can access these settings by:

    - Select Settings from the Main menu
    - Select Video from the Settings menu
    - Select the Advanced button on the Video Settings screen

    Screen Percentage: The most likely reason for an overall low visual quality. If set to 50, for instance, and UT3 was running at 1280x960, the actual image quality would be comparable to 640x480. Set the slider to 100 to force the game's resolution to the resolution your game is actually running at. In the example above, this would mean the image quality at 1280x960 would actually be 1280x960.

    Texture Detail: Determines the quality of the textures applied to the world.

    World Detail: Determines the complexity of the geometry used to render the world.


      Please don't post questions to our private mail boxes. This defeats the purpose of having a public forum. We want everyone to be able to see your questions and the answers so that the information is shared, rather than being asked again and again.