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code appearing in ConTEXT, but not inside UnrealED, solutions?

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    code appearing in ConTEXT, but not inside UnrealED, solutions?


    Im currently trying to get a vehicle into a test map, im most certain that i got the code needed, correct, however, there is a problem.

    When i open the .uc script (source if you will) in ConTEXT, which i use for editing, all the code is there, but when i open that very same script, compiled, in UnrealED, only the top line:

    class Volvo extends ONSWheeledCraft;

    Shows, as if the script didnt work.
    I got no errors during compiling, so i guess the syntax is ok. Anyone have any solution to this?

    Added link to download the script and model, so it might be easier to see if anything is wrong.

    Use UT2004 btw

    Copy the Scorpion code into a new class and compile that, see if it works. If it does, the problem is probably in your Volvo code. If it does not, the problem is probably in the way you are compiling.


      DefaultProperties blocks don't show in the editor. You have to right click the actor in the actor browser to get the default properties.


        did that now, and that works, the code shows in the editor also, guess the script has some missing parts then.

        then what could it be that makes the editor crash?
        i get this error when i try adding the actor for the car to a test map.

        Build UT2004_Build_[2005-02-15_17.02]

        OS: Windows 2000 5.0 (Build: 2195)
        CPU: AuthenticAMD Unknown processor @ 2012 MHz with 1023MB RAM
        Video: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT (6693)

        Assertion failed: BoneIndex != INDEX_NONE [File:.\UnSVehicle.cpp] [Line: 508]

        History: ASVehicle::PostBeginPlay <- ULevel::SpawnActor <- (Volvo) <- AddActor <- UUnrealEdEngine::Exec_Actor <- UUnrealEdEngine::Exec <- WEditorFrame::OnCommand <- WWindow::WndProc <- WWindow::StaticProc <- MessagePump <- MainLoop


          My guess is your code is trying to use a bone that is not in the animation mesh. Check the bone names you're using in the code, open the mesh in the UEd animation browser, click View -> Bones and View -> Bone Names and verify you're using existing bones.


            actually, thats right, thanks.
            I was misreadig, instead of FLWheelBone for the front left strut thing, i had LFWheelBone, guess my eyes was playing tricks on me.

            However, while i can import it into the map now, the vehicle doesnt spawn on the map when i go ingame, and i cannot summon it


              Have you given it a collision box in the animation browser?


                yes i got the collision box, the box covers the chassis, but not the entire wheels, the vehicle will not move, can this be the reason?

                Also, aparently the reason that it didnt spawn ingame was that i had to set the gametype to Onslaught.ONSOnslaughtGame instead of having that field blank.
                Now i can see the vehicle ingame, i can enter it, but i cannot drive it, it just stands still.

                Even with the collision in place, it seems i can walk through the car, any ideas?

                EDIT 2:
                Ok, somehow i got the collision fixed, so now i collide with the vehicle, i also got the wheels to spin around the correct axis, but the wrong way.


                Is there a way to edit that line so it spins the correct way, or do i have to do something with the model in 3D max?

                Also, i cant seem to figure how i get the vehicle to turn when hitting the respective key's, it just goes forward or backward


                  I suspect the wheels spin the wrong way because their bones are facing the wrong way.

                  Have you set the wheels up for steering? Try comparing your wheel object blocks with those in Onslaught\RV.uc.


                    ok, i found that the bones was the wrong way as you said, so now they spin the correct way, i also added the code so that the front wheels can steer the car, which works nicely, however, the wheels (front ones) turns their own ways, making only the front right wheel turn the correct way, while the front left wheel, turns left when the car turns right, and the other way around.

                    I have tried mirroring pivot's as well as the bones, but that didnt work.


                      Wow, er... maybe the LFWheelBone is upside-down.


                        very nice.
                        i just deleted the bone you talked about and mirrored the one from the right wheel, now the left wheel also turns the correct way.

                        Seems its all coming together now.
                        Only need to realign the driver now, and then its just tweaking for speed and such.

                        Thanks alot for the help, you have no idea how much ive been trying to get this to work


                          Glad I could be of help.